Sunday, November 2, 2008

i almost forgot, this thing is zen.
the past was so memorable, i love the past
the present is quite screwed up, meaning this whole year. but overall, was enjoyable.
i don even want to think about the future...

i was playing sims just now. i WAS addicted again.
so i wont play 2moro
and mum wants me to go tuition.
after scolding my eld bro dumbass....
mum: why do you need to scold ppl? izzit the trend?
zhen: but it's true what, he is dumb and he has as ass
mum: very nice to scold ppl?
zhen: no, unless you want me to say, 'thank you for irritating me'?
gor: [*gives me a ghey peace sign] thank you
zhen: YOU SEE!!!! HE IS SO ANNOYING!!!!!
gor and mum: haha.
-_-?! aint i right?
so when someone annoys me im to praise that whoever???
hmmmmm. my mum's cooking one of my fav soup today. *flashes megawatt smile
anyhow, the ance patch did help a little i guess.
it's less red now.
and i have it on my face now too. heeeee
i feel so sleepy. it's only 7:14.
and i still have a math hw to do
curse sims 2 for distracting me. TSK
oh but you know the girl that i created to build a house, married this other girl.
and when they cheat on each other, the girl that initially own the house left.
wth??? tsk tsk tsk. but now that other girl married another ugly guy and they have a baby=]]]
awwww. and my teenager boy cant seem to get any gf! no matter how much he admire her also cannot. *POINTS 'L' AT HIM [i always to that to my eld bro]

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