Thursday, November 6, 2008


my dad was trying to fit in i think
and he said something like

him: osama won the what arh..
someone: wah, osama so pro arh, from terrorists become president.
my dad is weird, like mr wong. HAHAAHHA
srsly, my dad is the champion in making things wrong.
my dad keeps telling my lil bro 'you are allerg-ied to the psp'
he actually meant 'you are addicted to the psp' -_-""
i miss my old crush
i dont seem to be able to experience that kinda of heart beating anymore.
i can never 4get that moment where the world seemed to belong to us only.
lol, it seems so much easier to talk bout this almost non-existence crush.
point is, that was when i was in p4. so it'll prolly be puppy love
my wish: to see him again
my present ring tone:
next plane home - Daniel powter

i love this song. soothing, makes my day.
im damn tired sia
had dance today, FINALLY!!
2moro i can sleep LATE
geraldine is such a huge influence, im becoming more ghey. cheese....
and i cant stand other ppl's blood, makes me feel faint. i just realize that today.
i wanted to go host some jap kids 2moro at sentosa but my mum didnt trust the person and didnt allow me and the jap crazy ppl are all offline. lol
audrey, elvira those ppl, see jap all go gah....
saw pineapple today!
i was eating chips and the first thing she said was 'i want to eat potato chips!'
but i bet she is damn happy cuz there's softball training. haha *wink wink.

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