Tuesday, November 4, 2008

OMFG! the ads are up! YAY. gosh i thought it was spoilt or something. heeeeeee=]]]

colours may not be as they seem. my phone cam is really cmi
had pizza last night. they were engaged for like 3 plus mins. and they keep replaying the 'the staff will attend to you shortly' and another advertisement where they play the thing damn loud. i waited for damn long
you can hear the guy, super loud. and this thing kept replaying. [pause my play list]

'L' for love. but when i point it at my brother, it means loser.

had chinese lesson today
and i think my chi sucks alot
there was this interpretation thing where you are suppose to change the eng word to a chi word.
there were about 50plus blanks altogether
i only managed to fill up 10 plus on my own. then when the teacher was going thru the ans
other ppl keep answering and i was totally mute.
ahhhh, my chi is damn lousy=///////////
and my bros are back from lunch, i have to go off soon. ugh-_-
wanted to have lunch with my bros at first
i told them to leave the house at like 12.30
and when i was reaching yishun at 1.05, they still haven leave the house
i was angry but i couldnt shout in the train, i think i use to do that and everyone look at me.
so i had lunch with hui ping. she went to order the BBQ chicken again. she said it was very hot the previous time and she still bought it-_-. haiz.....
and after each bite, she drink water. LOL.
im so full, i wanna go cycling later
songs to listen:
- if i were a boy: beyonce
- love story: taylor swift
- get back: demi lovato
- cry: rihanna
- hot n cold: katy perry [my ring tone]
- right now (na na na): akon [i like to sing to this, but i don fav this]
old fav song[present love]:
- a thousand miles: vanessa carlton
you know if you go to 3:07 and hear, that sound sounds like a hair dryer.
it's number 108 in my blog play list.
but to make it simpler, all those song that i mention above are in my friendster play list.
and it's much shorter and easier to find the songs. lol

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