Wednesday, November 5, 2008


i see better days for USA
im just trying to act cheem. lol
i have not heard obama's speech b4, but i heard it's really inspirational
and maccain gave a speech that he concede defeat.
wow, and he pay respects to obama's grandmama.

ok wadeva, im not very interested actually.
i bought the leave on conditioner, now my hair smells so nice.
went to smit's house today
her dog is so pretty and obedient, not like zen.
her dog do listen to her commands, not like zen
her dog is quite dumb, not like zen
HAHAH, zen's cleverness is not a good thing
he can use a small gap to open the door, and the door is heavy, for a cat
and opening the door isnt a good thing, he will go out of the house and then make its way to my neighbour's house. smart ass cat right. this kind of smartness makes me call him stupid cat.
but nvm, he is a fat ass anws.

had e math today
mr wong wore black polo tee!!!
he looks 10 years younger
but he still nags alot
there was this bee in class today, and we were all like 'ahhh! ah! ah!'
and his went 'aiya, don bother about it.... [and continues about how the bee is more afraid then us and he encounter a blue snake and he remain calm]'
he claims he is humble-_-" i wonder why.
and when the bee flew to him he was like backing off too. that was just classic.
his ego level is so much higher than mine, but that's what makes him amusing.

him: you know arh, the more beautiful the snake, the more poisounous and dangerous, just like humans.. bla blabla
me: oh, so mr wong, you're not very dangerous right.
pei qi: [str away turn her head at me] so mean....!!

i was just joking, and i always do that anw, mr wong dont mind, he always tell me im jealous of him
and tells us that ppl insult others to make themselves feel more superior and stuff.
point is, i have no intention of feeling more superior than him. even if i want to, i would pick a girl not an uncle

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