Friday, November 21, 2008

my email back to the SUN PRINCE
i didnt think i was too nasty. oh wells

hey sun prince,

im the moon princess.
oh you said that 'Be nice to me, then yu can tell me m0re abt urself =p' so if i dont wanna be nice to you, im not gonna tell you anything right?
ok im not gonna be nice to you=]
1st, why do you keep calling me a fish in the email. [yu]
2nd, your english is weird
3rd, im not severely retarded [though that's the only thing that made me smile. other than that, nah]
4th, how am i severly retarded when i only spoke to you for that few mins
5th, you sure do not have a confident and masculine voice
6th, i do not have a whiny voice
7th, i still didnt give you my number though you think you're so confident of getting it.
8th, you talk to me like im a foreigner.
9th, im usually nice.
10th, you can see im not nice to you. i choose who to be nice to.11th, you are not needed to reply to this email
12th, what kind of common likes and dislikes do think we share? none i think
13th, so, sorry. go find another person that's real nice and likes your egoself, cause i dont.
lastly, i know you're trying to joke about the insults, but i still wanna say what i wanna say. sorry for destroying your dreams of finding a nice and naive person.

moon princess

so, not that nasty right. =]
im still nice. haha.

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