Sunday, November 23, 2008


once again, my stm strikes
i reminded myself so many times
but in the end i 4got
i told myself to take out my contact lenses b4 i bathed but i still bathed with it in the end.
i know why, must be the anger. my dad pissed me off, so maybe i was too busy being angry, thus i 4got to take out my contacts. WADEVA
im not gonna say bout how my dad pissed me off. it's always the usual thing.
MAKING ME WAIT. and mind you, not for 10 mins kinda thing. it was almost 20 mins

oh oh, the guy[sun prince] never reply me. haha.
maybe he will 2moro. don noe.
IVANDY! bon voyage! i wonder if you still can read my blog in indo.
ANWS. musical evening was DA BOMB.

the white thingy from dance juniors: maycia, valerie and abigail. collon snack from keziah.
so we came to sch early as usual
no nerves act up
k i have no idea how to blog bout a boring process.

look! our lips [ lip-stick] are awesome huh
rax and rion. stop pronoucing rion and ree-on. it's ryan!
izzit nice izzit nice izzit nice??? the eye make up duh. purposely block out the other stuff.
omg, geraldine looks especially ghey here. HAHA
geraldine: wow, ppl confirm say 'the girl in the center so pretty!'
she got me speechless
amanda the eyeliner putter. with joan. im in charge of eyeshadow. hehehhe

my top was kinda big. sope, bra could be seen
SEC 3s=D
ghey hug
i swear, it's the costume's fault for making us look huge
so it was our turn to perform!!!
omg, i was feeling nervousexcitedhappycrazy at the backstage.
but im glad everything went super well.
alot of ppl say our dance was nice
thank you. so happy=]
and some say i look so demure
gosh, yes thank you. that's once in a blue moon thing
i think i do give a diff impression when i dance and dont dance.
omg, i was rushing with the make-up and worrying if i can finish in time and everything
but yay, paid off. =]
so next, we prepare for the finale.
peektures first
melia, nicole, moi, regina, sharon
joce, melia, letty, moi, xiu!
the bimbs
sec 3s~~~!!!
me ling joan! no idea what the hell was i doing
this too, no idea
this photo was naturally smudged. =]]
ok finally
dont count on all this alrighty
dance without cam-whoring is just empty
there are still a WHOLE lot of pics from other dancers.
must wait for them to upload first.
and so finale was obviouslyextremelyscrewed
but oh wells, the audience didnt really mind i think.
we were also busy waving at others.
oh another thing, the dancers just learnt the finale on the day itself.
sat with rax on the way home
omg, so much drama-mama to talk about.
got me so awake
i still have ballet in the morn
and im going down to P.A in the afternoon to help out for anyhow art
omg, yes my nov is so packed up
and on mon we have class gathering.
AND KNOW WHAT. why-th did i confirm that im gonna stay and go for my ex-class chalet. eeek. i must be too tired.
oh while taking peektures on the stage just now
i was looking for someone i know
or rather closer to me, not those i know your face frens
but i couldnt find any. my family also wasnt there.
that i know cuz they didnt buy the ticket.=/ [they didnt want to go]
those that bought didnt go
how should i say this... k nvm, i dont want to.
i want flowers.
good night=]

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