Friday, November 7, 2008

melt it

all i did today was: PACK MY ROOM
i started with sorting my papers out
that took like the whole day!!
and im not done with it yet.
it was such messy task
more to come. =/
gave up on it half way and went for lunch. this time, i remembered to bring my key, but i 4got to bring my sudoku book

when i got back, i finish packing up, leaving some stuff for 2moro to sort out
and after that, the fun comes!!
i went to melt chocolate=]]
and i dip marsh mallow in it!! yummy!!!
it's dark choco btw
see the white thing, it's marsh mallow
the best marsh mallow. great for bbq
some random pics to make you jealous. nah jk
see tat white line! it's the marsh mallow. just like cheese huh.
and after the choco-filled [fats-filled] thing, ciao for ballet
no actually, i watched the simpsons first b4 ciao-ing
and due to that, i missed my bus
i watch it drive off k
so frustrating
i had to wait for another 20 mins and i 4got to bring my sudoku book along AGAIN.
feels auntish. gosh
i didnt waste all the chocs so i went to put them in a lil container and let it settle.
after ballet, took it out. ta-da! it became this shape.
oh i came home from ballet 2day
usually he'll be at the door but he wasnt there today
after putting down my stuff
i started looking for him
i called him so many times but he didnt come out
i got so scared
i search for him in every room
and when i was bout to call my mum, i called him one last time
and he came out from my parents' room
gosh, he gave me a huge fright
i think i love him alot.
if he leaves or dies, i'll cry
p.s: i have vids of the melting choc thing and a very small prank i played on my dad.
really tiny weeny one. =]
i'll be busy from 10-18nov. maybe i'll post less often.
oh oh!! b4 i go
my mum was saying there's this job where you're suppose to clear plates for 4 days
and you can earn 350 bucks. OMG, i wanna do it
but it's from the 18-21.
18 and 20 im not free and the 22nd is m.e, 21st need to sleep early. ughhhh
it's from 9am - 9pm, 12 hours.
that is such good money to earn. around 7 bucks per hour. pffffs
but i think i'll be quite free after 18.
i want more lobang

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