Tuesday, November 4, 2008

make a wish

ignore the fat-face. i love the bright colours here

my handbag

if only my handwriting could be as neat as my fingerwriting
last day of hols lessons 2moro!!!!!!!
oh i swear the ambience of my car is so weird
it just gets me ticklish
i was laughing so hard that i think i could just cry out loud
my bros were so retarded and they kept talking bout nuts
from peanuts>walnuts>macadamia>coconut
and they all imply to one sick thing. hmmmm
and we were eating peanuts as well.
and i have zero idea why they like to hit each other's banana.
ok not like smacking so hard till it is 'inedible' but like they love to play that game and laugh it off.
however, im not disgusted by that. actually, i think that's the thing that made me laugh like crazy.
sometimes my lil bro reminds me of ryan higa cuz of his retardness. but of cuz, ryan is cuter=] ahhhhh.
p.s: i get so hungry easily nowadays
p.p.s: i get sleepy so early nowadays
p.p.p.s: im becoming a pig. [i know what youre thinking.... 'arent you one alr?' yes i know...]

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