Friday, November 28, 2008

JEALOUS!!its like everyone's going overseas and im stuck in singapore.
it has been loong since i went overseas.
i think the last place i went to was japan. that was last year
zen just came out of my bro's cupboard
he loves sleeping in clothes

last year i had so many chalets
this year i have one only i think. and that's my family chalet. lol
i feel so pokkai
the lyrical hip hop lesson alr bitten a hole in lespo (my wallet if you didnt know) . [burning a hole... is so cliche]

im home alone=/
i have chingay prac later on. at 7.30
i don know why must it be so late
im not gonna wear fbts cuz the last time i went with fbts, i just got more mozzie bites.
OH OH!! yknow the news introduced a little bout chingay 2009?
MY EYECANDY WAS ON! oh i finally saw how the costume looks like. very colourful
im gonna work that oufit. [antm]
im jk, it looks huge and heavy.
and i think maybe my eyecandy is no longer my eyecandy
i just envy her now, not idolizing her. and ye jing is damn proud of me.-_-
oh cheese!!
i think i just kena virus
stupid seet brain, get smarter!
im gonna TRY clean up my SMALL room today.
it's so small yet it's so hard to clear it up. wth. tsk tsk
i want a bigger room, i want a huge mirror so i can practice dance in front of the mirror.
ok ok, pets society time!!

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