Friday, November 14, 2008

IM BLESSED AND TOUCHED. [no, you didnt literally touch me]

yay, it's my birthday again=]]]
last night while watching project runway, aloy texted me happy birthday at 11.30
thanks sweetie
alfan texted me first at 12 am.
and later on many sweeties texted me too

and this morn, my spongebob ring tone kept playing
i told myself that im so blessed
i have so many ppl to thank to [those who tagged or texted or emailed or added comment on friendster or facebook, i love you all!]:
-alfan [texted, tagged, commented. LOL, thanks =)]
-mo mo
-xiu [ texted, tagged, commented as well!! oh gosh, i love you xiu!]
-keziah [ spelt happy as hairpee. HAHA, totally made me smile]
-ivandy [ mailed, texted. thank you buddy]
-gor [but he fucked it up at night by not letting me use the laptop]
-papa [in a very weird way, elaborate further later on]
-mat [ kor]
-ye jing
-jou teng
-lu khei
-wee chun
-jia huan
-winnie tan [ she wanted to be the first to wish me a belated birthday, but still, she's not early enough to be the first latest. haha]
-zi fang
-chze siang [i thot i didnt know him... but i do, just a different way of spelling his name-_-]

-UNYK [some unknown webbie. right.]

im sorry if i missed out on anyone
even if you wished me in front of your computer now, i'll still love you!
just shout 'happy birthday seet!' i believe i'll hear it.=]]]


i meant for this post to be up on 14 nov
i tried the 'im a birthday girl today' thing and he said you still have no right
so yeah, this post would be up on 15 nov
i have so many things to post
like my dinner at breeks on 13 nov and going out with steph today and ballet and how many times i got pangsehed...
im meeting glenda to shop for make-up 2moro! lol, of cuz not for ourselves, for dance.
and then when i get back i needa go out for my ah ma's birthday dinner.
im going have a LOOOONGGGG post the next time i post.
but laziness would prolly summarize it slightly. duh
me and dad in the car
zhen: wish me
papa: wish what
zhen: =/........... guess
papa: .............
papa: wish you grow fatter luh
zhen: [STR away look at him] TSK! TAKE THAT BACK!!
papa: what, so skinny alr....
zhen: tsk.

(after getting out of the car)

papa: we wish you a merry christmas X3 ...
zhen: it's not christmas yet!
papa: ... and a happy birthday
zhen: HAHA, wadeva man dot dot dot.
papa: who say cannot wish ppl like that.
zhen: -_-
i swear my dad's lame. sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's just freezing. so yeah, that's how he wished me a happy birthday

oh ya! i saw zi fang today at dohby gaut. lol. she smack my hand today, i missed it.

er not as in i dodged it, in the sense where i miss it, it's been long.

ciao ciao ciao

p.s: i have no birthday cake.

p.p.s: i like surprises

p.p.p.s: no more ah bengs attack=[[[

p.p.p.p.s: reminder: I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! xiu is very sweet=]]

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