Sunday, November 9, 2008

i REALLY REALLY dont understand hokkien

i've got this weird comment on friendster for my eld bro:

[all the red high-lighted words are in hokkien, I THINK]

"girl. tell ur brother bui song lai.
u go ask him. my name li song. he cat high sure know me one.
bui song my friend equal bui song me. wu ji lai. i wait.
wa ka jiao wei ah? dont need behind back ka one. come infront of me and wang yun ka. i let u stand infront of me and ka my jiao wei.
wan diao zhui come play i also can play. i see how u wanna play. "

can anyone explain what he is saying?
with all that wa ka jiao wei, i don understand a thing!
and i almost replied to 'bui song lai' cuz i thot that was his name but my bro say it meant 'not happy, come'
i know this is some bad comment, i just dont know what those words meant, honestly.
k fine, let me guess.

wu ji lai = useless thing?

wa ka jiao wei = want my dick?

ka = play?

wang yun ka = kick my dick?

ka my jiao wei = [oh i think i know this one] suck my dick? [i got the clue from stand in front]

wan diao zhui = [is this pure hokkien or mixed with chi?!] i have no idea. want to drop mouth?

k anws, this is what happen.
this fallen angel [?! ahahaha] guy added a comment to my profile
since he is from cat high, i asked my bro who the hell is he
he told me to reply to him that he is a poser, loser and idiot
so i did
and another of my bro's fren complimented me by saying the way i insulted fallenangel is so sarcarstic. hehehe
oh wells, bro's credit.
and after quite a while, he didnt reply
recently he tagged back
fallenangel: his friend ask him don't any how say thats all.... li song bryan goh ah fan su they all....i don't wnat to say anything about it

i thot li song bryan goh ah fan su were all diff ppl, i mean like 7 diff ppl. and my bro told me there's only 3. =/
oh the guy that gave the full-of-nonsensehokkien comment is li song. that's when i know li and song are connected.

and after fallen angel added that comment, that's when li song added that hokkien comment.
ok i know this is so random but those ppl are pretty amusing. i dislike cat highions.
oh wells, shall not make them too popular in my blog.
but when he replies again, i shall put it up!

went cycling yesterday, alone
becuz my eld bro is SLIGHTLY giddy, not feeling well.
fine fine i shall not be so mean
i went the other long way. nvm, i don think you know what im talking about.
and there was this loooooooooong slope. was so awesome!!
i loveeeee the wind in my face. and of cuz the ability to move the bike without any effort.

and i painted my nails yesterday. hope it falls b4 musical evening.
and my mum promised me to manicure after 22 nov. hehehe

the next week with be chaos. out every day. eeeek
but anws, mo mo, pooch, smit!!
why not we go watch movie instead of ice-skating?
since the ice-skating ring is so far, we go to town or bugis to catch a movie and lunch?=]] and after that maybe we can go somewhere fun? like where i dont know. ughh
and i embarrassed myself a whole lot today
during ballet today, i fell down when dancing half way
i have the video.... just nice it was taped down. should i put it up?
i laughed so hard when i watched it.
k nvm. ciao!=]
oh and the prank i promised. the other vids would be up asap...=/


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