Thursday, November 20, 2008

i need someone to hate you so that i can love you

yknow i told someone in dance today im gonna blog bout something
BUT I 4GOT. as usual...
let's see
my eating habits were fattening today
i had a melted shit-looking-like cake
and many chips that i couldnt resist
i had muruku that indian cracker too.
oh not to forget, bubble tea.

oh and the lyrical hip hop thingy is not 2moro=[ postponed to next week
oh and, glenda is such a nice person to tease, i swear
on the way home, i teased her non-stop
ppl find their joy in diff things okay
and when we were about to go up the escalotor, we saw this guy that most prolly fainted
ya he was lying on the floor, duh.





I TOOK THIS!!! i think this is quite nice
read it good
cutting spree

eh eh, i think zen likes ignoring me
im so sad
im trying to pour all my love out to him but he still ignores me!
some ppl say he is cute, i say he is a biting machine
some ppl say he is scary, i say he is quite cute.
i think im weird.

the guy i gave my email to emalied me
omg, i printed it out and showed melia, elizabeth and glenda.
we kept laughing cuz the guy kept calling me fish
instead of you, he wrote yu
i know that's a short form but yu is fish in chi.
he said im severely retarded!
he say if im nice, i can introduce myself
so what, if im not nice i dont introduce myself?
hhaa, still have tons of retarded stuff.
should i reply him nicely or like suan him and he wont reply ever again?
im in no need of a guy fren, so yeah i'll suan him!
time to plan my nasty email.. muahahahha

p.s: who went to vietnam and malaysia? i've got ppl from there reading my blog. so cool!=]

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