Sunday, November 16, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIN THIN AH MA [yes i do have a fat fat ah ma]

i cant upload any photos cuz blogger dont allow me to. dang it.

i just got home around 12.
i shall just blog first than upload the pics another day
wheee... i shall start with the morn.
woke up automatically at 11.30 + when i slept at 2 last night. amazing.
and i got ready to meet glenda
i waited 45mins for her. she was that late.
tsk tsk tsk
i was so tired luh. i could have spent that 45 mins using the com in the morn
we were actually suppose to meet at orchard mrt so i got off and was walking around to find a place to sit and wait for her
and she said orchard plaza is at somerset
so i had to walk back to the mrt station like a lost retard.
i had zero idea what orchard plaza is
so when she finally arrived, we were like some lost tourists.
the only thing missing was a map.
we saw these two other girls holding a map. i should really consider getting one.=/
sope, we finally found that place.
it's just like golden landmark. ulu ulu type
and so we reached........
we thought we could buy the make-up and leave

the operating hours stated were 11am - 5pm on a sat
wtf, if you put that you open the shop on a sat, why arent you bloody there to operate it!!
we ask the other shop ppl if they are at lunch or something
she said she didnt see them come at all.
wadeva, not buying from there alr
so we walked to ps
i saw zi fang again!
hahaha, so cool
my first reaction was, 'shit! im wearing the same dress!'
im serious. but nvm, my dress is still clean k. it's in the washer alr though.
then at the same traffic light, we saw joey.
i thought he was my perv ex-classmate
but he was too dark to be him.
but anws, joey is equally perv. oops
oh we found much better make-up at ps.
i always thought sasa was expensive but it is really affordable
like very reasonable prices. they have a 20 % promotion now, so get it!!
like 5.50 for 4 colours in one palette. it's very worth it.
after buying, we walked around
wanted to window shop
and there was this M1 thing going on and they say flash your M1 phone and get a free ice cream!
and so i did, mine was M1
after eating half way, i was like 'shit! i cant eat this! im having my thing'
and i passed it to glenda, she ate it very very very slowly. hahaa
oh yeah, while waiting to try the clothes on, i got a text from gor asking me when would i come home, looked a the time, 3pm
i put back the clothes and went home
i didnt even get to try on the clothes!
while walking to the MRT
this guy stopped me, i thought he was going to ask me to buy some dumb pen that cost prolly 2 bucks or ask me to donate some crap
but he didnt. he just ask me for my email. and when i was writing it down, he ask for my number, stupid.

him: just write down your number also
me: i dont want
him: just write down
me: no
him: aiya, very fast one, just write
me: bu yao
him: just write luh
me: [took the paper back] either you get this or you dont get anything.
him: ok

first impression not too good.
anws, today's my ah ma's birthday!
my auntie's new baby is so cute!!
his name is dillon. im not sure if it's this spelling but it's this pronunciation
might be dylan. but still, dillon is a handsome name=]]
oh i saw a cute guy in the train today.
k nvm, don side track first.
ya he is like the main character today
he is heavier than zen but cuter!
omg, all he does is go 'wu! wu.....'
and suck his fist.
saliva everywhere.
i got it too, cuz i tried carrying him
so nice=]] just like a teddy bear.
he is so bui[fat]! i've got his peekture. adorable!!!!!!!
oh and i finally saw amanda after so long.
her hair is so smooth and str! envy.....
after the whole singing of song and cake thang,
parents dropped me, gor and justin[ lil bro's age] at clark quay
cuz we wanted to go walk walk
they drop us at the bungee place
i wanna play that!!
next time i must bring my bf to go there and play with me.
it looks high and fun, high as in tall, not those crazy kinda high.
and we lamely took the mrt to orchard. WTH
soo... we walked to borders and lamed.. im serious.
and then we walked to far east. closed! -_-
and then we went to 7-11 to get some snacks. wanted to get jolly shandy but couldnt find it.
they bought beek jerky stick. very salty
then we settled down at starbucks.
i thought i saw a tranny
but my bro and couz said she sounded like a girl
mmm, she looks like a prostitude. hehe
they called her a bitch cuz she was being impatient and hurrying them. HAHAHAH. DUMB BEE-YATCH

oh wells, we hurried to the mrt in case we miss the last train
by then, me and gor had blisters.
luckily i had someone to suffer pain with me. MUAHAHAHHAHA
oh oh!! the cute guy!!
on the way home, saw this guy sitting on the floor reading a book
you might think he is some ah beng
but no, he looks very decent and he have this charisma. he looks like one hong kong actor.
gosh, so handsome. but he look like he is in his 20s. oh wells.
im finally done with this wordy post
im sure you guys are boreD out

good night then!=]

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