Wednesday, November 26, 2008


ok, omg omg omg
it was damn cool
i finally get to learn those dances on youtube that i've been dying to learn!
IT'S SOOOO COOL. the way you're suppose to move your body and stuff.
lovely. i just love it.
next 3 lessons would be in dec though
9, 10, 11. HAHAHA, then i'll be skipping my ex-class chalet.
ok how did it go.
wonderful, the instructor is quite er hem though
haha, keep making those weird sounds
i wanted to laugh but everyone looked so serious, so i controlled
and i didnt dare look at his face expression when he dance reggae
cuz i know i'll just burst out laughing.
reggae's a girl hip hop
so it was kinda weird when he did it.
but of cuz he did it better than all of us
and no, hip hop is not just hopping and moving your hips-_-
after the dance lesson at somerset, me and xiu went to p.s

i ran out of eyeliner alr, so i wanted to go p.s and buy
oh know what
i told my mum my eyeliner ran out alr and she gave me two thumbs up
but later on she gave me money to buy. haha
and that eyeliner was since last year! so it isnt fast.

sun prince replied again.
ok im very bored of his msg
full of insults only
i didnt exactly read his email.
just read my reply k=]
cuz mine is a sweet reply
his: [all the bracketed red words are my comments ya!]
Seems lyk i g0t someone's feathers ruffled didn't i ^.^
hahahahahahz. you aren't nice to me ? I can deal with that. Besides, I'm not nice either
How is yu a correct spelling ? cuz i say so. And it was spelt that way deliberately. You, on the other hand made other loud language mistakes and you wanna correct my yu (fish)
well, if you put it that way. Im a good catch[cough out blood, good catch my buttock luh] a good catcher of choice fishes & I choose my frens
Thats cuz you're slow
And of course yu shdn't tell "tons abt urself" to strangers . I wouldn't allow that at all
Yu tiNk thats funny ? Good. Cuz the joke was on you
Being dumb is still WAY better than being retard .. And neither can i b sure abt you . i n0e even less abt yu, except yu're frm Crescent, yu're a drama queen, yu're a pain, & yu haf a Bratface. yu didn't even answer my initial impt questions. how can i b sure you weren't psycho & wdn't ruin my life . (though i'm starting to haf doubts n0w .. *rolls eyes[bimbo?!]) nothing is ever 100 percent. yu don't try yu don't n0e. we take it on vibe, judgement & take it frm there. All of us learn through trial & error. All Great frens start off as strangers . you practise papers b4 ur exams. yu did seem lyk some1 i wanted to meet, i said hie & took it frm there .
HaHAHAHAHAHz, why thank you, im glad you noticed
yu do look lyk the type that goes lala LA lala~ (*mimicks again for effect) wonderfully retardedly
lolxxz. how does calling yu a retard insult myself, retard ? yu haf a language reasoning problem, but then again, you are severely retarded Hahahahahahz.
Read what you wrote again. you shouldn't whitewash the truth
Well. Too bad. i think it's cute. cuter than you. tHiS iS ALL i'lL eVEr typE tHeN
Those were juz some of the little things abt you i'd noticed as we were chatting . Some things i found amusing . I laugh at ur behaviour wen i tink abt some key moments & what they tell me abt uI'd rather you be yourself. I value honesty and authenticity.
I don't think you're beautiful [when did i say i was beautiful?! i said honesty is beautiful, i didnt say i am beautiful]. your looks are ok. [thanks for not saying im ugly]
Beauty is a curse. yu may get ur way, etc, but ppl considered beautiful by society find it hard to develop personalities, cuz they are prevented frm living in reality. Look at Britney. They don't haf it altogether. yu ought to pity them. [he had to drag britney in, poor britney. i dont pity those ppl. the last thing they would want is our pity]
The average girl can always find the decent guy, but the 'beautiful' one, hAhz, will find it tough She can be valued based by her merits & contributions, but the 'beautiful' one who has everything given on a silver platter, by no merit of hers, once her 'beauty' fades, loses her self-worth wen she depended on that 'identity' to draw her power from [trying to act cheem? i cant be bothered to read this whole crap properly]
Why, so am i supposed to be feeling 'honoured' you're doing ALL this to me now
The Sun and Moon ought to compliment each other [pls don make me gag]
Hmm. A princess title carries with it divine rights, recognition, protection, but extremely heavy responsibilities. A princess muz possess specific qualities. Being a Prince also means we follow particular codes of conduct & rules of engagement. The qualities you haf displayed so far makes you lo0k more lyk a 'queen' than anything else. And i want no part of that. I don't recognize the kingdom you claim to be a part of. If you r a Moon Princess, you resemble more of a mo0n cake than anything else. And it's too early for urself to be displayed isn't it, when the festival is not due to come anytime soon. Why don't you talk to the moon fairy to work sth out (= [i skipped this part.]
If you're a princess, I hold you to higher standards of conduct, behaviour, mannerisms, how you relate to others & handle urself.
But it's okay, why don't you be a mooncake ? you're out of season, but mooncakes come in yummy flavours every year ! Mango, strawberry, green tea, durian, chocolate & they haf egg yolks to0 [how did it link to mooncake?! wtf is his problem luh]
yu're still so mean. Be nice to me ..
you are unusual. Didn't regret saying hie to yu after all
you're unusually rEtaRdeD=p
The Sun Prince

my reply:
lol. ok.

omg, i spent a long time spacing those words out. de wonder he takes two days to reply my email. dumb ass
im too happy to be pissed with him today
im gonna play my pets society and practice my dance
oh on the last day of the dance lessons
[OMFG, 20 bucks per lesson. can die, so ex..]
ya, we might be video taping the dance.
if it's nice and amanda and co. agrees to let me upload the vid then i'll show you guys
if not i cant, they'll sue me.. =/
oh when i was going home from the class chalet the other day
i saw this woman with gigantic eyes. im srs
it's was so freaky
ok i dont want huge eyes like her
she looks so unfriendly! and her eye balls are like gonna pop out any sooner
when she opens her eyes, it looks like she's staring evilishly[i know there's no such word] at you
oh you know what
i remembered to take out my contacts today =]
but i 4got to on my music. =[

song to listen:
i hate this part - PCD (i love this song now)
rehab - rihanna (i had this song in my playlist long time but it just recently became a hit in 98.7)
does anyone have addicted by stevie huang? i have zero idea who he is though.

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