Sunday, November 30, 2008


for my own entertainment. =] hehehe

muahahahahha. i did so today though
my dad was so engrossed cleaning up the car that when i walk to him, he didnt know
i open the car door, he didnt know
when i close it
he shouted 'uuahh!'
i don know how it is spelt like but it was dman hilarious
papa is all the weird characters in the postcards. im the adorable. lol. J-K

oh oh!
guess what
i dreamt that i had a damn cool tattoo at my cleavage
then when i touch a button that was 'part' of the tattoo
it changes! like omg, it was damn cool
but i was also busy trying to hide it from my mum
and then one day, i had this thin scar on my arm
and my mum said: come lets go do a tattoo on your arm, make the scar look like a javelin
when i told my mum this morn, she gave me that odd stare
cuz she'll never ever let me have a tattoo
i guess that why i dreamt bout that.. but still!
it was so cool k
oh and the night b4, i dreamt that i went to my cousin's new house
and they had this huge bathroom that has a bed inside too
and outside the bathroom is another bed
ok i know, weird
and their baby room is just off the hook i swear
though they do not have any baby now, they kinda prepared the room first
like the room had very advanced technology to let the kid learn abc and 123 kinda stuff
and they had this huge cot for the baby to wander around and wont get hurt
it was just a spectacular house.
but of cuz, doesnt exist=/
ok byebye, it feels weird to blog with your lil'bro by your side, reading what you blog.

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