Monday, November 10, 2008

DUMB FALL [xiu glenda and geraldine kept laughing when they watched it]

geraldine is extremely extremely retarded
ahhaha, she can make something not funny to become hilarious

anws, had dance today!
from hot to super cold
the PAT was so hot and we were complaining our butts off
but it got so freezing later on
i kept walking in circles to keep warm
and after 2 hours
we all got restless
and stopped to go to far east to buy some hair accessories for the performance.
hope they got the stock

and as usual, we walked around
and i realize alot of ppl fav max and more too!!!=]]]
heeeeee. and dancers are all looking for a dress for ms ng's wedding here my mum is telling me it's not necessary, dont buy. pffs
and my bro pangseh me
he was suppose to go bugis with me [fyi, for the first time] to buy me my birthday present but he says he cannot go, not free. prolly gonna play soccer. WTF?! tsk tsk tsk. wad an ass.
and episode 2 of the attack of the AH BENGS!

that guy replied
li song:
ccb. wan play with me come. mai gong jiao wei.
knn, burn my mouth? bui song come.
no use friendster here scold one. u wan come out. u tell ur brother not happy come find me.
dont use friendster. come face to face.

and i replied:
to li song:
HAHAHAHA, sorry. you guys just amuse me. but anyhow, i heard that you alr went to find him, so i dont really care. and for your info, YOU started using friendster to scold him.and my bro's not like you, he is perfectly fine you see, it's you who is unhappy here.... and btw, thanks for using eng this time, i can understand almost the whole comment.=]
true dat, there an obvious decrease in the red highlighted words.
and surprisingly i know the short forms, but i still dont know the spelt out ones
oh and fallen angel added another comment
ask your bro look for me before i look for him.... i wanna settle with him....
and i told him: who are you to command me.
srsly. those guys are pretty entertaining, i just hate ah bengs and all the gang stuff.
and shh, the fallen angel guy was trying to hit on me previously.
he started the whole convo with this: did i see you on bus before?
ok maybe not, but do i really look like everyone!
the attack of the AH BENGS 2 is brought to you by
going out 2moro to celebrate an early birthday. hehe
and oh, i cant make it for letty's performance this sat cuz that's my ah ma's birthday.
any dancers wanna go? pls? ticket is 18 bucks.
at nafa, 7.30pm. =]]
good night!

p.s: there wont be a second time. i've learnt my lesson.
horoscope [ Scorpio ]: Your physical health directly affects your emotional health. Start eating better!

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