Monday, November 3, 2008

did i mention i hate crowded trains?

yes i think i did.
i 4got where i was going...
OH OH!! the dentistry place
gosh, i took 2min to try and recall the place. my memory is failing me
sope, i took the train towards jurong.
the train was alright at first
till half way
crowds came in.
i was pretty squashed up by then
i couldnt even look at what stop it was
then this auntie wearing a orange tee carrying a backpack used her backpack to squeeze in. WTF.
i was actually standing at the side of the door, leaning against that pillar thingy.
and she pushed me all the way back and she lean on that.
and there was this guy in front of me, facing me. ok, not guy, UNCLE.
i was so scared i'll get touched at the wrong place so i place my hand at the bottom, to protect.
i don wanna get molested again, that would be like the 4th time, at the new place though.

then he kept looking down and then look at me weirdly.
sry luh, i was just being protective of my own body, even if you have no intention of molesting me, im still saving you in case you really touch becuz you cant balance and i shout molest. see, i make perfect sense=]
anyways... the squeezing continues and somehow i ended up with two armpits at the above side of my head.


and when i thought it was SQEEUZY ENOUGH
the train reached another stop and i saw the ppl outside so EXCITED to get ready to squeeze in, like there's some sales in the train or something.
they didnt even BACK OFF.
when the door open. they rush in when the ppl haven alight yet.
and that backpack push my head against an unknown chest.

i could hardly breathe and i wanted to shout 'STOP PUSHING!'
i almost cried inside. i wanna grow taller. <<[this is not random, there's a link, go find it yourself]

when it finally reached J.E, i wanted to go the other side but my earpiece wire got caught onto the backpack auntie's brush.
she was so kiasu to rush out so i couldnt stop her. she continues to move and my earpiece wire pulled out the brush and it fell onto the floor. by then she was alr gone and it was so noisy and crowded and i know if i don ciao, i'll get stuck again. so i just left that brush on the floor.
so backpack woman, take it as a retribution for pushing a innocent cute lil girl. [JK]
smit and mo. they look so cute. ppl look their best when they are happy. so true

me and smit's convo......

on mo's thigh.
after the LOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG day at sch, lunched with smit steph and pooch
steph was having cramps so the lunching was pretty quiet.
we ate at B.K! GOSH I MISS B.K.
i was SOOOO HUNGRY. i ate super fast
and used 4packets of chilli for my fries and burger.
it irritates me when i wanna register for some webbie, they say the name is taken.
it's so annoying! it's so hard to come up with a nice name and all the nice ones are taken
oh wait, seeto isnt that appealing [but it's cute to call. lol] so why izzit taken?
tsk, i used rion and it's taken too. i don wanna use my own name cuz it's so...... idk.
and it's not as if there is only one shuzhen in this world. it applies to all other names as well, like jessica, michelle, serene. there are thousands that have the same name around the globe. tsk.
oh wells, i just painted my nails.
some wild colour
i wanted this blue but they didnt have it anymore.
k the blue is slighty brighter.
so i bought a sky blue and orange
but this orange looks like pink in the dark
i fav that colour now.
but the brush sucks
i want a bright and dark colour. i mean a deep colour, just not dull colour. AIYA. yknow what i mean.. ?=/
should i get bright red? nah, i shall just stick to my orange
damn it, why do i always talk to myself.
i have so many ideas for my b.dae present. heee=D
just think vain/sweet/expensive.
expensive: RIHANNA'S CONCERT TICKET!! or a camera
sweet: a nice HANDMADE card/food. hehehe
vain: cosmetics, accesories, clothes. ok i know this falls in the expensive range too.
i can just dream bout this.
i've finally got an ICE-SKATING DATE!!! YIPEEE
eh but pooch says J.E'S ice-skating ring is under construction. do any of you know whether it is or not?
means we'll have to go all the way to kallang. ughhh

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