Thursday, November 27, 2008

CGS socks are the best

i'll tell you why later
went to kallang to meet our cousins today
i just realize, kallang isnt that far what.
my mum keeps saying that it's damn far.
well anws
we went to ice-skate today
freaking ex
i bet they increased the price cuz they know they are the only ice-skating ring around left in singapore.
tsk tsk.
it's 16.50
so we got in and got our skates and started skating
i haven skated for damn long
so i almost fell at the front part
the ice was so wet and bumpy
but after a while
when blisters starts forming
i skate better.
i told myself not to fall
but ite, i fell down once
and the two boys can still stand there and laugh
so my left butt was wet
no luh my jeans on my left butt
but my left butt was cold. k nvm, 4get bout my butt
after taking out the skates, i felt so flat
and omg, i want to learn figure skating. looks so fun
anws, why the hell is CGS SOCKS THE BEST?
it is the best socks used for ice-skating
and not for schooling. dont you agree crescentians!
then we went to buy tickets to quarantine and walked around and around the boring mall

at pastamania. justin and xiang

after eating to we went up to the cinema
but the lao kok kok says we cant cuz it's a NC16 movie
then we stay there for what
they wrote there PG. omg, i wanted to watch it.
the trailer looks so nice
so we waited for amanda's dad to fetch us to their house
had dinner there
but missed the first episode of dont forget the lyrics
you can see the pimple on my nose.

i wish i was slightly richer. LOL
i feel like going for the countdown party this year...

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