Tuesday, November 25, 2008


we took so many classic shots today
and ridiculous and unglam shots
saw a model too!! i'll elaborate more later.
and omg, BBQ was a success. but i think lynette smelled too much smoke and she was bit on the high side in the end
my shades were used as smoke-protecting-GOGGLES.
and... i 4got to bring my goggles home.

ok now let's start on the real thing
SMIT finally agreed to go with me today
i was soo happy
cuz if she didnt, i'll prolly get lost.
so we got there and mo started complaining bout how hungry she was. LOL
anws, me and smit's secret code of the day: C.G!!!
no it doesnt me centre of gravity.
it means cute guy=]
the first thing that came to our mind when we stepped into ECP is that we'll get to see cute guys.
and yeah, we saw a few. hehe

anyhow, we rented bikes for 2 hours
we met kimberly and trixy half way. trixy learnt how to ride a bike today!!
so proud of her. she was banging into bushes at first. at least she has the courage to ride.=]
and we asked her to help us snap a shot
this was the first.
yes, why the hell are all our mouths wide open?
no, we didnt think of that as a pose luh.-_-
kimberly just coincidently almost fell down in her roller blades and we were screaming for her.
the end. that's how we ended up with mouths agape
and smit can still open her mouth and look at the cam. HAHA.
amazing. we all look funny there.

but of cuz, we got a decent one in the end
bit far
we stopped by bedok jetty half way. the water looks SO tempting to jump.
and somehow, we started talking about OBS. weird.
and we continued cycling.
i love hanging out in a heathly way [working out]
we stopped by some high place
and soon some guys joined us. but they stood at the other side
smit asked me if i saw any c.g, and if any of them caught my eye
i thought that more like we caught their eye by screaming so much and that they look avg.
i swear the slope was damn steep. i almost bang into the bloody thing
and my brake is EXTREMELY noisy. it's super screechy. mo keeps complaining bout how noisy it is. lol
so more peektures! here comes a ridiculous bunch
classic shot.
so retarded!
ok. i look ridiculous
and after all that random, weird, ridiculous, retarded, ahhh shots
we continued cycling
i like cycling, i love the wind that blows against me
ok i know it seems like we stopped for many times but we did cycle quite far too okay.
we stopped at a breakwater later on
and of cuz, peektures.
i likey likey
that's me if you cant see=]
credits to smit!
sho shweet. HAHA, private joke
i swear, we had problems pronoucing our words properly today.
this are some examples.
mo said beginner as beginnier
i said message as menstrate
i was suppose to say rock hard, but i said hard rock
mo said sho shweet. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH
supposedly surfing. but mo cmi. HAHA

it says smita, seet, mohi, pooja. go figure it out yourself. like a crossword puzzle

seet and smit
HAPPY US=]]]]]] i managed to fit all of us in. im so pro. hahaha. ego much

okay, major unglamness. it is never good to take a butt from below.=/
not the idealistic angle. but kudos to mo for taking this pic from the moss-sy rocks. haha
i need you to protect me from rough grounds

haha, she didnt know i took this. i haven told her yet.
magnificent. i like how this picture looks like a photo on the net.
i saw this person who wore the same colour bra as me
and this other person who wore the same top as me!
gross gross.

so, compare those 3 pics above, look at the height difference. LOL
after hanging out there for i don know how long, we reluctantly left
it was so relaxing there
and pooch and mo were daring each other to strip
but there was this guy that was pretty near us, so....
if not im sure they would have.
on the way back
i saw this two ppl with really weird looking bikes
when i look up
i saw this damn familiar face
a supermodel in SINGAPORE!!
those natural beauty
you know the poh heng jewellery model?
i've got her pic. ahhh, yeah we saw her. but it seems like it was only me who was jumping about. hmmmm
oh the wonder her bike was so long, cuz she has long legs.=/
omg i should have stop riding and run to her and take a pic with her.

soon we met the other mates when returning the bike
and we went to collect the food
and so we sat at the carpark, waiting for the van to come and feeding the mosquitos our blood
i had to be the one who sees it and smack it. yuck
and soon the food came. i swear it was SO heavy
and bla bla.
we took so long to start the fire
we had to borrow lighters from other ppl cuz we didnt have one
that's smart. lol
we had so much food left
the whole BBQ process was awesome.
it's hard to explain in words
but kaimin has those peektures in her cam so ya
i'll kope from her soon and post those up too. and you'll understand!
i brought home the sweet potato cuz they thought im a sweet potato lover
haha. fine fine. it's still warm now though
i look weird. like an old hag. they keep saying i look like those housewife that has been doing so much work and haven rest at all.
ok see, it means i helped out in the BBQ.
it's suppose to say 3G1
oh and i changed there too. under the table and ppl were blocking me
thanks to those who blocked me!=]HAHA

me and my sweet potato. lynette gladly help me packed those up. LOL
so we all got home sticky and oily and hot and sweaty
the first thing that we had to do is bathe
no actually the first thing i did was carry zen.
anws, ppl were looking at me weirdly in the train just now.
maybe i really do look like an old hag. GAHHHHHHH
p.s: hey mo, im sorry for making you feel so guilty. your mama too. sorry sorry. i'll still love you.=]
p.p.s: thanks smit for coming with me today!! love the heart to heart talk. <3
p.p.p.s: FIRST CLASS OUTING WAS SUCCESSFUL! though some didnt turn up cuz they are overseas and all. but overall, awesome!=]
good night. i've been blogging way too late this days
busy with pets society [ game ]
de wonder my pimples are not healing as quick=[

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