Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A trip to the police station.

mon we had sex talk and school invasion!!!
we all thought 98.7fm was coming
and we were praying that either AM MAYHEM or MUTTONS TO MIDNIGHT come.
but ite it was some noise singapore thingy
disappointed much
but still, the bands were really good
i like the second band cuz i know their last song
the FALALALA song!! LOVE IT=]]

this guy very cute!!! ben or benjamin
ahh, he has braces!! braces guys are so cute.
almost half the class of 3S1 pon sch today
[i keep spelling pon as porn!!]
yeah, we had mass dance in the morn, pretty bouncy
and then we had the cheer competition
SERIOUSLY, I think curie did an awesome job
we shouldnt have gotten last position
i frankly think that the teachers are lousy judges luh
i bet they think since curie lose so many times, one more time wouldnt make a diff.
whatever man dot dot dot '...'

then we had the interclass games.
was fun and sweaty and hot.
but the other classes were all damn rough.
wadssup with that?
nvm. at least we got fourth!!=] which is really good
thanks to the bimbotic cheerleaders. AHHAHA
then it was the ethnic dance time.
the warm up was cool becuz of the music.
but the song of the main dance bit =/
but oh wells, i have the vid. will upload later while playing sims. hehehehe
our instructor is a african chinese.haha, but he's not black. he looks damn asian.
but no wonder his eng is kinda weird.
then we played concentration after the dance thing
lynette and trixy were the ultimate winners. they are so CONCENTRATED.
the rest needed to forfeit. catwalk. no more like gay walk.
the vid is with lynetto, and i know i'll look hacking gay in the vid
lynette's 'paparazzi' shots
hahahah, her fingers are so small!! so cute. momo's smaller though. and mo! stop biting your nails you ponner. smit also, pon sch luh
then we went to the hall for 'deeparaya' celebration
khoo and shang

after that me steph and millie went to lucky plaza to eat
all was going well
till steph realized she lost her phone
she misplaced it=/
we searched but couldn't find it.
i called her phone over 50 plus times but no one picked up
so we went to sembawang's police station to report
firstly, i needed the toilet
secondly, it was raining
made us totally frustrated
but the policemen were pretty helpful
though we didnt manage to find her phone
we should have called for the police when we're there.
i slept in the police station cuz i was so tired. we spent an hour there.
i really hope steph finds her phone
this is the second time it happened to her
and she barely used her phone for 2 months
whoever that idiot who took her phone and dont pick up and return should suffer the worst retribution.

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