Wednesday, October 1, 2008

This is why my mental sum sucks...

my pri sch mental sums book!


it's empty... de wonder my mental sums suck so much. -_-

alfan sent me this msg this morning and i realize it is children's' day. i totally forgot bout it.
we were craving for prata this morning, so we went to casuarina!
O-M-GOODNESS [ my bro forbid me to say god. so whenever i say god, i would pause a while and then say shhhhh. AND i have been exceptionally slow these few days. =(]

btw, casuarina was packed so we decided to go else where to eat. but not prata. cuz they are all not open.


the picture says it all. that monkey ran to my side window and sat there and look at me with those puppy eyes. go-shhhhh
yes they do
so many!!!

okay... that's quite enough.. FOR THE MORNING.
i took 50 plus pics today.

we ate at some chinese outlet instead
my mom ordered ge ye fan. and it's suppose to be rice wrapped in lotus leave
zhen: what's this?
mom: ge ye fan
zhen: huh?! overnight rice?
mom: hahah, no luh!
ge ye fan also means overnight rice!!

and the chicken feet. guess which part of the feet am i eating?

omg, i don noe how my lousy phone camera take such a beatiful pink!!=]]]
then we went to causeway to buy winter wear for gor. he's going to seoul at the end of this year. TSKKK.


i think the pattern bit o-biang we spent bloody 2 hrs at cold wear. we bought stuff over 700 bucks.

winter clothes are effing expensive!!!

i was bored waiting
but after that, we got free gift! cuz we spent more then 250. we got 2 new watches.

same as my bro!=]]] look at the colour diff btw. [ referring to the skin. HAHAHAHHAA]

tiny eyes
i just felt like doing this.....

i so love the effects of dark strokes! it makes my eyes look bigger.

yes he's topless.
my bro told me he is fine with the word worxxx

so i kept saying that to him today. HAHAHHA. and he got irritated.

i actually wanted to post this convo with this weird guy

but he ask me to take off
fine luh. tsk
gotta ciao. mug for ss.
i'll blog bout disgusting m____ts found in my room 2moro. stay tuned!!!
i was sooooo grossed out that i had to immediately bathe after clearing.
oh oh, and the porn story. it'll come up soon.

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