Friday, October 17, 2008


14 NOV. i'll be happy if some ppl actually find this date familiar.
but wadeva
my ballet rehearsal falls on this day at night!!
when i should be having my dinner!! ughh
who wants to celebrate this day with me?
i want a party but my mum would definitely say 'NO, THE HOUSE IS TOO MESSY, SO FULL OF YOUR STUFF'
so i just have to go out, or stay at home
from 12 all the way to 22, each day i have something
i might not remember but oh wells, my brain memory space not that huge, that's where my phone comes in.

I'M SORRY, SNAIL i was in a bad mood last night while walking home from dance
i had zero idea where i was walking
then i heard a pla-crushhhh thingy. and i realized i stepped on a snail. i was grossed out but i had no mood to show that im grossed out
2day while walking back, i saw it!! just that this time it was accompanied with flies and ants.
im so sorry for killing you

went with melia to nan hua to collect and return costume
so heavy. OMG
and we had no money for the return trip. HAHA, we're smart
OH OH!! cheese toast is nice=]

random fact: I LIKE TO CHEW ON SWEETS, i don suck them.

oh btw, i like my hair just b4 i bathe
i don like my hair right after i bathe
it falls all over the place. heee
and i have weak toe nails.
it broke into half. =[[[
no blood though.. -_-?

smit said i have a flat ass
but the other time during ballet
my ass suddenly so qiao. i keep smacking it but it wont go down.
ok, nvm. i think im pretty random.
OH OH! quite some time back
i dreamt of my dejavu!!
i dreamt that i was in place which apparently is my house
just that it's more high class and modern
and there's this gorgeous beach opposite my apartment
i totally heart beaches, not bitches.
they are such beautiful things.
but i wanna go beaches that are quiet and peaceful for really nice walks.
and dejavu = you in another dimension
it means im a rich kid in another dimension which is AWESOME
though im not, but at least my other me is. which is fine with me....
K NVM, IGNORE ME! i have no idea what im saying

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