Monday, October 20, 2008

that's pervetic but sweet i suppose...

LOL. that title has nothing to do with my post 2day
dont wish to elaborate much on it anws... my blog cannot turn into a NC 16blog
maybe next time, but not yet... hehe

i found a pretty girl with baby fats like me!
not the pretty part, but the baby fats part. and it's not those ah lian fats though
i was watching tv, then i think that that girl has a exotic look, very chio
but can see that she has baby fats on her face like me=]
im so happy today
why why
maybe cuz it's mon and i get to see my girlfriends again!!!
i like the new game for wii.
hahha, both retarded.
mo was like losing all the way till she manage to beat me and smit and we're last.
phys passed really quickly cuz i was busy eating skittles from melia=]
thanks babe!!!

pineapple [lynette aka elizabeth aka elizi aka fatnette] was damn funny. she talks with her eyes, and i swear her messages are damn obvious
she just gives me that eye brow movement and i passed her my skittles.
she arh, go pick my purple skittles to eat. LOL. then ite i told her to pick the orange one as well. i don like orange man.

oh it's lao shi's birthday celebration 2day!!
for dance.
i'll upload the pics another day cuz im just plain lazy now. heee
im extremely tempted to upload geraldine's wonderful collection of ghey pics, but she wont liek it. oh wells
the senior came back!!!
they are still all so slim, omg
the cake was fabulous. good choice.
i know the juniors get very little cake everytime. we too.
but still, you'll have your chance in the future!!=]]
and im going P.A this sun. i shall not change my mind. hmmm
and we're going chung cheng for ju hua tai practice this thurs. i suddenly like ju hua tai alot.
a very diff kind of dance.
k heck, my post is very boring right..
btw, b4 i end
i keep smelling zen's shit everywhere.
not in my house luh, like outside?

and i need to do my a math hw now for my firm cheeks woman, keziah!!!
indirectly for her beloved ms ___=]

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