Friday, October 24, 2008

THE SECOND TIME. coincidences

i only have two frens i know online who live near me [that i know or remember]
this morn, stephnn[stpeh and stephnn are 2 diff ppl of diff sex] texts me and and said he saw me in my ghey[i added this in] pink sweater.
it's weird, some ppl from my sch know me for thy ghey sweater.-_- they even know i have a green and black one! hehehe

and when i was going hom today, i met eddie, the other person that lived at sembawang, the one that said i look fierce and i smacked him. orh bi=]

this is soooo retarded
as my title says, the second time
it's the second time i see a guy walked into the ladies
i controlled my laughter until 2 m away
he sashay in and gave a 'OH' and walked out
it was at lido. HAHA
i wanted to watch high school musical today
i called my mum and she scolded me for spending so much
i dread nagging so i just said k fine fine, i go home.
and so i did
but b4 that we ate at lido
i suspect pooch is on drugs or something today
she's super crazy!!!
min yee had this jackpot thing that when you press the handle, you'll get an electric shock
pooch's reaction was just uber, im speechless. HAHAHA
yilizhi's reaction was damn cute! luckily i wasnt the first victim.

oh and delayed pictures from lao shi's birthday!!
the card winnie created. so chio!

ghey shake it partner

a common sight=]
the best part of the cake was the balls. I LOVE THE BALLS!!
zen's new nick: big fat ass. look! so huge!

went to chung cheng yesterday for dance prac
omg, we learnt this damn cool dance!!
but the action that i love most i cant do nicely!
and there was this gay action i like doing too!!
srsly, the dancers at chung cheng most of them have skinny legs!!!
and their sch is ginormous with this beautiful pond
im not advertising but their sch is really HUGE
and their sch quite modernized too
oh ya, they just finished building their school not long ago.
when we were going home
we got lost half way
and ling's fren came to help us, but rax, don embarrass ling again luh aiyo
even if she's not, i am. -_-
control luh!!!!
ciao for ballet. i want my contacts.
and coloured ones too. steph! it's not 35, i asked the uncle at sunplaza, he said it;s 25=]
and i finally saw steph this morning!! finally. i miss her. and her sick jokes. =]

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