Tuesday, October 14, 2008


eng. B3
chi. C5
e math. A1
a math. A1
phys. C5
chem. B4
combined humans. C5
geog. B3

L1R5: 17
the eng thing, the teachers were really lenient cuz the principal happily changed the rule and and disallow any retainees. those that cant be promoted would be kicked out. wtf.-_-

there were alot of things happening today
im not sure if i should blog bout this, cuz it'll kinda ruin our sch's image.
so i shall zip it.
not much ppl cried today so it's good.

went to macs with dancers after hell
and went back to sch for dance
it was so fun. it has been long. no idea why.
anws, sec 3s dancers!!! who wanna join anyhow art? join with me alrighty!=]
i think the sec 3s are now pretty close to lao shi. which is just awesome.
we need to so celebrate lao shi's birthday like a blast
oh wells, came home and smelt a very nice aroma
my mum was cooking sirloin steak
it smelt so good and it's the first time we have this for dinner. [homemade]
though the meat has alot of undigestible veins and kind salty and tough, it was really good.=]
im not gonna sims today. very tired.
2moro is the normal time table

btw, last call for musical evening tickets order
price: 15 bucks
venue: NAFA
date: 22 nov
pls let me know ASAP yeah.

2moro have spot check. i alr have 6 demerits, if i get another 2 demerits, detention here i come. ughhhhhh
p.s: changing skin soon. and the videos take 4eva to get uploaded, so i'll upload one by one.

BOXING IN TOWN. there's this ang moh guy, he will totally make rax bleed nose if he was to smile at her


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