Wednesday, October 8, 2008

*the post below is highly long and rated. if you're under my age, no no, if you're less sick-minded than me, you need to reconsider reading the story i'll be writing in this post. i'll let you know when the story comes.

this is what is says in a letter to the sec 3s:

Dear Sir/Madam,



xxxxxxxx. it will cover information on how STI are transmitted, signs,symptoms and consequences of STI/AIDS, effective ways of protection including abstinence, being faithful as well as condom use, and life-skills such as decision-making.

[we got this letter right after our last paper. LMAO!!! that canceled out thing was in the letter and that was the second thing most of us saw. first - sex talk, second - canceled talk bout condom use. WTF? duh, it doesnt quite apply to our sch since it's a girls sch. just found that entertaining after a whole week of dropping hair. and though there are female condoms as some ppl told me which i don noe about, it usually applies to guys right. yaaa][FRI]

ss exam, i think...
went to jurong point for breakfast. cuz we ended damn early. and they were still serving mac breakfast!
bought hot cakes. put one packet of margarine on each hottie(referring to hot cakes), the rest were like 'omg! you put so much!' but it's nice. and i eat it once in a blue moon. but no wonder i got fat over the exam period.... tsk tsk. ballet was my only source of exercise then!

on the way to ah ma house. we were walking to the mrt, suddenly we heard a splat behind us.
PHEW!! the birdshit or urine just missed us.
if we stayed there any longer, we would have been shot. x/


b4 ballet
i like the light that reflects against my eyes. makes me look like im wearing coloured contacts. anws, hui ping's getting coloured contacts for me for my birthday!! what colour should i get.
GREEN, BROWN OR GREY? and if you do know, how much is the coloured contacts?

disturbia fats

crossroad tee=D

yes im mugging
[lost track of the day. MON, I THINK]
went ot KFC for dinner.
oh oh, that was the day about the glove and finger thingy. hehehehe
MY BRO LOOKS SO ADORABLE RIGHT!!!! I SO PREFER HIM LAST TIME. INNOCENCE i stupidly dropped the coin inside. my bad

went to sun plaza for lunch with steph cuz it was still damn early when we wanted to eat at B.K in town and there isnt student meal for B.K breakfast, so we spent our time travelling to sun plaza for macs. and smit was veg that day, so she couldnt eat with us=[
i need 4 'mini sauces' of chili. oh btw, the wasabi whatever thingy is gross.
firstly, not every likes wasabi. [I DISLIKE IT]
secondly, the taste is too mild for wasabi lovers.
on the same day, me and steph met at another blk's void deck to study. cuz out blks both dont have the table and chairs.
THIS GUY IS EFFING ANNOYING AND WEIRD! he was around almost the whole time. he sat there SMOKING and WAITING and TALKING ON THE PHONE for bout 2 hrs i think.

steph pronounces it as kajabee. -_-?!? SHE'S SO FUNNY LUH. she knew i would post bout this
process of laughing. FAT-FACE
we were suppose to study!!! but we ended up playing like mad. we took so many vids. and played the 'slapping game'.[will post vid another time]
process of tying braids for me.

i didnt have any rubber bands with me at that time, she anyhow use my clips to clip them
done! HAHAH, i think it looks funny
dinner time. day i bought the head thingy and my bro say i am zena-wannabe. or izzit xena???
a math and phys paper
both were =[[[[
i dont wanna talk bout it. hmph
i shall talk bout the after parts!!!
we were so god, no gosh damn happy
fine fine, i was.
me smit pooch went lido for lunch. nice talk=] we should have more of it since we have more time now!!
steph joined us later on.
time to window shop!!
we walked around shaw house
the branded bags are just amazingly gorgeous and expensive
the shoes also=]
i was looking at the sun glasses they were selling
OH WTF!! steph say it is 999 bucks!!
like who would buy such an expensive pair of shades?! crazy luh
oh and we saw this really really skinny ang moh and pretty tall too
usually we'll link ang moh + tall = model.
omg!! we saw so many skinny ppl in town today. jealous!!!
anyhoo, we make our way to wisma to window shop!
max and more is me and smit's fav dress shop.
then we walked to f21. gosh, we spent like an hour there.
this top is 48bucks!! omg. i like the shorts i tried though, 28 bucks. but i doubt my mum would allow or want me to wear that cuz it's bloody short.
running with rayxon 2moro morn, then outing then dinner with dancers
dont think i'll be blogging 2moro, no time. unless i forsake my sleep which is impossible cuz i've been sleeping at 12 PLUS every night and waking up so early?!?!?!?!?!??!
.FOR THE PORN STORY. i've changed the names of the characters cuz steph initially happily got me involved. btw, it's not as explicit as books but still can make it...=]
here goes. im like typing the whole thing out just for you to read! gosh. wait, im like implying that i have sick-minded readers. HAHAHHAHA. J-K!
jamie and chas.
It was a dark and stormy night. Jamie was going home after being a stripper at the birthday party. All the boys there loved her. Or rather, they all love her sexy, sex-crazy and tight pussy. They all dug their fingers into her pussy, and it was so tight. They knew she was a virgin, but she never let herself get into the bed with those horny boys. But that night, as she was reaching the bus stop to take a bus home, a boy came up to her and introduced himself as Chas. After having a little chat with Chas, she became interested in him. Slowly, Chas realises that Jamie is under his control already, and brought her to the nearest hotel.
[TO BE CONTINUED.... there are 4 para. pretty short for a sex scene though. climax soon to come! STAY TUNED!]

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