Monday, October 27, 2008


isnt he just adorable?
omg!! i finally finally took a picture of him.=] look at his eyes! so attractive
my heart melts...=D
sup with that...-_-
oh talking bout crush
i have plentiful when i was in pri sch
but i have none now
why is that so man
i remember one of my crush's name: marcus koe.
my heart still beats faster when i talk bout him. lol
i tried finding him on friendster but don have his picture.
oh wells. tat's the past. i used to have another crush on another marcus too.
weird. k nvm.=]
me and gor went cycling after that
and after one whole round
he stopped to watch soccer-_-

and the crowd increase slowly. and duh, they were all guys. ?? my my...
and when we decide to leave, we saw pap and xiang
lol, they came to fish
fish bait

he looks like those old fisherman from far

credits to my eld bro. this photo makes me look fat. see! im shapeless yo
this too. this photo makes me look skinny=]

hehehe. when he manage to climb all the way back, he said 'wah, quite tiring arh'.
duh, who ask you to go all they way to the other end to fish, and you didnt get any fish in the end


and it starts to get dark
feels empty. oh btw, my bro and dad is going out to fish again. LOL
in the end, they only managed to catch one fish, and luckily i got that on tape.
i cut the sleeve to make...
a pouch. i was bored.

p.s: i 4got today is a monday. i miss the laughter from my class alr. i bought skittles!=]


my hilarious dad.


there are few more vids. but im lazy to upload all now. sry!

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