Sunday, October 19, 2008


real or fake?
my lil bro thought it was real.
my eld bro said it's fake
i went to poke it, it's fake.-_-

last night's dinner
not very nice
my mango prawn thingy.
that yellow thingy is the mango, not too bad

my pile of love letters. gimme more! =p and i need a new holder

even my blog is playing all the fantastic emo songs
i love my playlist
mdm fung was being unreasonable and all
she claimed i was selfish
she claim im from a dance troupe, i should know how to help the weaker ones
so im to say im better then you, im here to help you?
she says i should change my mindset, that'll make me a better dancer
i say why cant they ask me for help instead
she says they are too shy
so im not shy? yeah right
im not a open-minded person mind you. i do get shy. im human
and im too go initiate all the time? justice?
why cant they change their mindset of being shy then? and ask me for help
i cant possibly go around helping all the time. im not paid for that, i pay to learn.
and i complained to ye jing about this, and she was damn funny, most of the things i said above was from her. =]
plus there isnt any rule that says i need to help someone
there's no penalty to being selfish
there's no rule that says we cant stick to our own clique
and we do help, you blind?

you arrived.

im going cycling to release my anger.
i wanted to join anyhow art but it falls on the same day as ms ng's wedding
but that's in the morn, different time.
should i still join
but my level dancers all don wanna join.
im just gonna leave it as it is first
at this very moment, i cant be bothered by anything.

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