Friday, October 17, 2008


so many things happen in trains
fainting, seat-snatching, seat-snatching leading to pushing, dumb-ppl-thinking-they-are-so-thin-and-can-squeeze-into-a-CROWDED-train, molesting...
and today, i witness a break-up between a couple in the train

i didnt know they actually were breaking up
i initially thought the girl had some problems in sch
i was just standing right beside them so i couldnt look at them, just listen.
haha. sorry to eavesdrops though.=/
but the girl says something like
'we need to talk, turn around... pls... [grabs his arms] pls... give me a chance'
cuz he was back-facing her
i shall not say too much cuz it's their privacy
this was what the guy said
'it's not you, it's me'
i bet that phrase has been used a 438174138479 time.
does guys use that to break-up with their gf? or maybe girls use it too

the girl begged him in the train, but he just ignores her.
after the 5th time
prolly just not to embarrass himself
he turns around and continues with
'i dont have the love for you anymore. whatever you do or say now wouldnt make me change my mind. it's not you, it's me. it's not you, it's me.'
he turn back the other side and listen to his music
the girl also said stuff like 'why? this is too sudden for me'
i think she text him when he was listening to his music too
but im not sure if he replied her.
i felt like writing a note to the girl that says ' there are better guys out there. '
but honestly, that isnt the most comforting line, if i were to break-up with my future bf someday, and someone said that to me, i would get pissed. like hello? i took so long to find such a good ex-bf, how long am i to take to find another one. it'll be crazy man

hmmm... HAHAHAHA, i think i made it sound like the girl was the victim or something
but you never know...=]

p.s: i am NOT attached. the title is like for the couple k.

that's for that
i'll go shower first then i come out and post something else not that emo after my lil'bro finishes playing sims and it'll be MY TURN TO PLAY, MUAKAKAKAKAKKAAKA

p.p.s: i like my sexy blogskin

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