Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'll be back after i get over the SIMS 2 craze

games still stole my attention away
im not uploading pics today
just my day kay. plus the porn story part 3!!! this is the grossest and climax, so must read!!!! and srsly, if you're underage, don read kay. hehehhe. *wink wink

i was pangsehed today. but i managed to find someone else to go out with me today
went town, planned to go to bugis to get a new bag, but was too lazy to
saw the hey gorgoues scouters on the way, they were in the police uni.
they themselves quite gorgoues i thimk
my catch phrase for the day was 'SO SKINNY!'
or.. 'so pretty!'
i don go so handsome or anything. is that good?? gosh
but rax met paradise today.
a whole bunch of ang moh
she's such an embarrasement seriously
cant control herself. she keeps looking back at them, treating them like god. -_-

when we were crossing the roads, we saw these few tall ppl dress really wildly and started screaming and dancing, like they were advertising something?
they look like models though. so cool =]

and we saw boxing.. i have a vid of that, quite violent.
and the amore women's day out

rion is moi: how come i didnt know bout this work out day?
rax: [thinking for answer]
rion: OH!!! i know why, cuz im not a woman yet right. tsk.

but there was this adorable lil girl working out at the side too. i took a pic of her. post it up the next time i blog. im still waiting for my bro to like let me play sims 2!!!
but in the meantime, i'll play sims 1 first.


Chas obeyed her and pulled out his fingers. It was already wet with pus. After that, he spread her legs even wider and opened the entrance, revealing her red swollen pussy. He placed his face near to it and kissed it, and noticed the hymen. He was so shocked that he was about to fuck a virgin! He became so excited and tore off her shirt. The best thing was she was not even wearing a bra! Her nipples were erected and seemed as if it was for someone to suck it. Chas pulled down his pants, revealing his big, erected cock with a drip of semen on the tip. He then place his penis between her legs, awaiting her welcome.

the ending is really funny. stay tuned!

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