Saturday, October 25, 2008


yes yes, i know my hair looks so attractive *blinks eyes vigorously

sope, i woke up early, surprisingly
around 10, no 11.
no, maybe 10. yup and went out for breakfast with my parents
i went out for a motive actually. HEHEHE
after my oily breakfast, me and mummy went to walk around chong pang
to look for a bag!
i like this other bag but it costs a effing 55! i mean, it doesnt look 55 to me
so i bought this other chio basket bag.
i like the colour=]
but it gives off a weird smell. like hamster.

i try hard to resist temptation

however, the bag is really long? it gets into way sometimes
so went home to bla bla
and went out with my mum again to bugis
actually to golden landmark to buy my black leotard
and i have to face that shit auntie again
i know she is trying to be professional and all
but she didnt have to give attitude and raise her voice
i mean, not to me but to the other customer.
if she dared to raise her voice at my mom, muahaha, she is SOOOOO DEAD.
my mum is power.
the only problem is that the leotard is slightly loose
just hope it doesnt really affect me in any way during the exam
if it falls off, damn, i'll be entirely exposed. =/

sope, after buying my leotard, we walked around golden landmark
my mum bought 1.2 kg of cranberries!! yum-myyy
and after that, we walked to sim lim square.
on the way, we walked here and there
and we went into this decor shop that sells like christmas decor and halloween
and the perming i got is from this shop too!!=]
nah jk, it's a wig. it's hacking rough i tell you. but i think i look exotic in it. MUAHAHA. k, i like to use the word exotic and sexy for something that is not. deal with it.
and we walked to bugis street to look for more bags!=]
bought two more
but my mum say i cant use it till next year!
and omg, im so going back to bugis again
the stuff there are so much cheaper than far east's
anyhoo, we walked to the prata shop again for dinner
but they didnt have cheese prata, i was so sad. cheese prata is like a must.
so i had this instead. puri puri i think.
and i think you guys are confused about the walking part
just take it as, we walk alot today. my mum specially warned me that we're gonna WALK, wear something comfortable, so i wore slippers. wow.
i wasnt even ready!!
i went to photoshop his pimples away. hehhehe. and yes i do it for myself too, if you're wondering
OMG, my chewing-on-cranberry pic is so 'appealing'

this is not me.

i thot this was pretty. it's the tree

i only took peekture of one bag cuz... idk why either. k my phone camera makes the colour look so ah lianish. i swear it's not!
my eyes are surprisingly not very dead
so there's still time for my daycare nightmare game.
eh nvm, i need my beauty sleep. my eyebags are getting worse!
p.s: im not joining anyhow art anymore. my mum strongly disagree with it and agrees that i should get tuition and start mugging and improve on my handwriting.

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