Wednesday, October 22, 2008


k maybe not totally but still, i keep doing and saying the wrong stuff

sorry for the super long wordy post.

morning assembly: i wanted to sneeze. lift up my hand to sneeze while singing the national anthem, but nothing came out, so i just made a sound to avoid retardness [but i think the sound i made was weird, it wasnt a sneeze nor a cough, in between]. the second time i managed to sneeze. i thot it was over! but when the national anthem was ending, i felt like sneezing again, i lift my hand up to sneeze, nth came out.-_- and once again, i made a sound noise.

unfortunately, i felt another one coming so to not embarrass myself again, i tried to hold it till the end
and i did! the last sneeze was pure pleasure.

today is the last day ms loo will be teaching our class
she wont be following us up
but b4 i go on to the seperation bla bla
i embarass myself once again
we had this phys ws like last week i think, then i thot it belongs to us, so i anyhow write my nick down [Rion], instead of shuzhen
so she collected it back to mark and i totally 4get that i wrote rion instead of shuzhen
so ppl were giving us back the paper toda
and i cant find mine
but half way thru, i saw mohita go 'who is this?!'
and she passed it to ms loo
so at the end, ms loo suddenly shouts my name! 'SHUZHEN! when did your name become ri... ri.. an arh'
i was quite blur at that point cuz i 4got i wrote that.
but soon i realized
and btw, it's prounouced as ryan, no ree-an
but actually that sounds cool too. no shit, am i gonna change my nick again. =/
nvm, that's not the point.
she announced to the class once again "class, shuzhen is no longer called molestor arh, she is called rian"
i was like ahhhh, damn paiseh.HAHA. and lynette and mo still can call me rian.
oh talking bout lynette, it links her to skittles. LOL
yes i know she knows what im saying. hehehe
and i wanna play bridge and rammy again. it's rammy right?

we took alot of pictures today
with ms loo and of mr wong
i'll post it up 2moro cuz my effing bro[btw, he is the faggot i mentioned in the previous post] needs to use the laptop for his O's
fine i understand but he kept shouting at me?! like wtf, cant you say nicely
screw screw screw screw you.
anyhoo, i always thot p.s meant personal secret. but alfan told me it's post script
im not a bimbo!!
im just pretty innocent yknow. =]]]

oh and yes, bimbos
we were trying on the costumes in c3 today. for dance
it's so bloody rough
and it makes us look ginormous.
k nvm, later on
me, joan, melia, amanda, ling went to tiong to eat
it wasnt a very easy decision
it was like jurong!
tiong luh tiong luh.
[ignore the lame debate above]
we ate at some jap place
melia and joan ate at ajisen, the rest ate just outside ajisen. cheaper mah.
ppl on budget.
i loveeee chasoba!!!
sope, after eating we went in to look for them
thanks joan for the ice cream treat!

and seetshuzhen!! you have a bad bad bad habit
1) stop biting ice (from amanda)
2) stop playing with your food! (from amanda)
amanda is like my mum. HAHAHA.
i kept bursting those fish eggs. yknow those orange thingy. yeah
very fun!!
joan likes playing with it now too!! and her cheeks are so red
oh during this ice cream treat, i kept saying the wrong things
and i was being such a bitch to so many ppl
MUAHAAHA. a bitch once in a while wont kill.
hmmm... but not to my sch ppl though
to ppl on msn. LOL
and i was being so smart the opposite. ughhh
k nvm, private joke.=]

wait, i 4got to mention mr wong~~~~!!!
im his fan!
i took so many of his pictures=]]]
took with him too.hahhhaa. he's freaking amusing with his kind of thoughts.

so sch was awesome for me today
but when i came back home and went out for dinner
today turned bad, really bad
i almost cried in the coffee shop, but i wouldnt
i dont cry that easily. =]
it's the stress i receive. and the lecture i get to be respectful to my teacher or whatever shit
that always gets to me
the rude part
like srsly, i STILL dont care a shit bout anything i said.
those wadeva things are just lies. i wonder why they love to receive lies man
lie im sorry is a lie
i hate being in this materialistic world that you have to just endure with anger from SENIORS/ELDERS.
life sucks to think that way
love life with my frens


random: when we were young, we used to express out anger by doing something really cute. between me and my brothers. stepping on their pillows. it just gives you that sense of accomplishment and joy! i shall go do that later on for you shouting at me.
i did something meaner last time
i.... wash my bro's toothbrush with handsoap. no actually i applied hand soap on it. but felt bad, later he die and yknow.... so i washed it away. but at least i felt quite happy?

im not sadistic.


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