Thursday, October 9, 2008

how should i start this post?

- HOUSE BUNNY WAS AWESOME!!!! bimbos should so go watch it.

- I bathed with my contacts on again, except the fact that i remembered to take it out b4 shampooing my hair which is an improvement

- i hopped, flew, and pia


outing for the whole day
im tired and im gonna sleep now. i'll upload more pics prolly 2moro

some stupid person say i look like an ah lian here: super white face, fringe cover half of the face, super thick eyeliner and that twist. WTF?!?!
firstly, im not SUPER white, secondly, it's so obvious i have 3/4 of my face exposed luh. TSK!




and a new sun dress. actually i wanted to buy this other brown one, but left last piece. then i was looking at other stuff. but this is also last piece!! but i bth, just bought it.
eh i look fat in this dresssss.... eeeee
oh the unhooked bra thingy.
me shermin joce and karen were at mango
oh firstly, i super duper truper don like their changing room
totally can just barge in
so insecure!!! it's not a door, it's just that piece of thingy!!
shermin barged into my room twice
first was fine
second time i lean against the wall to hide my mini boobs and she unhooked my bra from behind!!
i was so shock. i never felt so exposed in my life b4
and joce still can open the curtain and three of them can stand and laugh outside.
it's like they don even let me hook it back luh!
just hold the thing WIDE OPEN
thanks goodness no one was there
got home. bathed.
was wearin my fbt, i hopped onto on puddle of water
slipped, flew in the air for a moment.
PIA. fall flat on my butt.
it hurt like shit
i was limping when i got out
but im perfectly fine now
maybe the bruise will come 2moro
cuz it was a really bad fall. cant imagine if i fall like this when im old, confirm die.
and THANK GOODNESS my head didnt hit anything
bless the lord
p.s: i think i blog until very cho-lo today. must be the influence from joce. she damn cho lo can.

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