Friday, October 31, 2008


i wish s'pore have tricker treating [is that how you spell it?]
i want candies. but we live in HDBs, it'll be quite weird to roam the entire building
and it'll take 4ever

fat-face. haha, this is the pic i was suppose to block his face cuz he was doing something unglam. dark strokes really rockWORK EXPERIENCE AT THE DENTISTRY

we met at dover mrt to take a shuttle bus down to NUH
oh god, i went super early
meeting time: 7.45
my time: 7.20
i have a real time management problem
i always thought that im gonna be late, in the end im super early
and when i think im gonna be early, i'll be late.
oh wells, i bought two packets of skittles to chew on
ive got a new fren! pics below. she's very cute and funny. i realize i like frens who are small-sized. like smit and mo. HAHA

so we reached, at the very beginning, i was already anticipating for lunch to come
oh wells, it was ast 12 btw
we had a lil tour at the start and we're on our own later on
gosh, all we did was OBSERVE
no hands-on stuff at all
and we stand the whole time, my legs were killing me
it's like a punishment instead of whatsoever.
ok, maybe you guys might think im complaining too much
but go ahead and ask the rest that went, the moment we get into the lift, we squart.
AND LUNCH CAME!!!! finally at 12
we had 2 hrs for lunch
we went down to eat and i wanted to eat everything they sold there cuz i was so famished.
and then we slept.

looks realhahahahha. a must-take
i think i found my other twino-m-g, they have cool shades now to put on!=] they have a kids room too. how cute! we were so desperate for a sofa.
and we went back to the building at 2. so we had 3 hrs till we were released
oh gosh
whenever an hour pass and my watch 'beeee'[never fail to shock me], i would feel so happy, an hr passed.
we spent that hour watching a gum surgery and various dentist stuff

see the blood ~?all i did was munch on snacks. haha. i felt so fat yesterday, plus the coat we were suppose to wear.

we look like this
we spent the rest of the 30 min monkeying in an empty room. felt bad but we needed it
evelyn[the new fren], glenda, moi
your teeth lies in our hands.... actually, nah, i dont wanna be a dentist when i grow up
oh and when we went into this class, the students there kept looking at us and gossip and giggle
they are guys. hello? be a man, don be so ghey and bitch bout others.
what's more they did it very obviously. so we just walked out
and the ppl there keep scolding us
srsly, we're there for the FIRST TIME, and we know no rules
they didnt even specify any for us to follow
and after we did something wrong, they come and lecture us
oh wells, not going back there anymore.
but.... we saw a cute guy!! ahaha. from NYP.
omg, i should try and find a pic of him and nominate him for hey gorgeous. hehehhe
they were there for the same reason too.
omg, we passed him like quite a few times. that's the thing that kept me going. HAHAHAHHAAH
im jk.
anyhoo, ballet was both depressing and good for me
mdm fung was telling i lost my spark when i dance the main dance. i dont want that to happen. i need to practice more. we took vids of each others' dance. and i realize i have so many bad angles and alignment is all XXXXXX
but when we did the character dance, i tried to give it all, and she commented, 'this dance, you're back. there's a difference you see.' im glad, really.
k, i think i stink and im sticky. i keep snacking nowadays, and my tummy is getting bigger and bigger, not that im pregnant. i shall try and resist temptation
cuz when i start munching, i might finish the whole pack. =/

[went back to sch today]

MISS MY BABES. mo, im writing it big for you to see now. hahaahahha

lunched with audrey, elivira, mo and smit!

it was so retarded.half way, a red ant crawled on mo's bag, it was so natural

that small lil ant had like some power that made all of us disperse. mo was at least 3m away. i flicked it down and stepped on it. im a hero. lol

slept at my ah ma house later on. was soooo good. IM BEAT!


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