Tuesday, October 21, 2008


my mum is so mean
she just demoted me
she made it compulsory.....=[
now i have another thing to worry about.
more details at the end

they come to singapore to litter?
that china girl threw tissue paper on the ground. she was acting like a princess or whatever, throwing tantrums and stuff.
she's the one in white. tskkkkk.

ahh, steph was sick 2day, she have fever.=[ get well soon steph
and mo pon sch, pooch i dont noe but mr wong trust her so much say pooch is a very good girl, wont pon school. haha. mr wong lives in self-denial i swer. he is damn funny.

me: mr wong, do you think you sing nice?
him: haiz, it's not whether you sing nice or not, it's the enjoyment and pleasure you get when i sing you know.

srsly, the way he said it is damnnnnnn funny
and he keeps pronoucing matrix as matric
i cant stand it!!!
then i told him the 3rd time today

him: it's okay, doesnt matter. im not teaching eng you see, im teaching e math.
me: no no, must learn you seee.
him: (gives me weird smile-stare)

he is so funny, mrs chia also
we had this quiz thing that ms chua found on the table
and we started asking various teachers
mrs chia is DA BOMB I SWEAR
and she was super enthu in doing the quiz. HAHAHHAA.
i was busy sleeping though, keziah told me that
and we just ended our chem discussion. we both dont know how to draw retort stand and we dislike chem..

gheyness. im referring to the white thing, cuz that's my towel. but im wearing my shirt alr. so it's the towel on the shirt im wearing. yes.

my mum is making it compulsory for me to write an essay or something everyday!! main purpose: to improve my handwriting
like wth, EVERYDAY!!!
that's so pri sch=[
i rather do on the handmanship or longmanship, or wadeva.

i tried staying awake during chem 2day, extremely difficult
trying to stay awake in front of the laptop
pretty easy.=]
and mrs chia said chem paper was chicken. pok pok pok.
no i added the pok in.
but my bro said eng was tricky. eeek. that's the L1.


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