Sunday, October 12, 2008


i totally love sims 2
if only i can apply acne cream and it'll be gone in like 1 or 2 days.
but the girl i created got killed by a fallen alien aircraft while star gazing and watching her parents make out. =[[ saddened. i hate you grim.
and the mistress and the wife got a cat fight! awesome=]] the mistress move in alr. muahaha
cant wait to play again soon
but for tonight i'll blog. i bet you guys miss the stupid photos i have. nah jk.
i have dance 2moro. so i'll prolly choose sims 2 over my blog. sorry. =/


i was pulling my dress up

i love this

karen's just spasticly cute

the model scouter ask me find a pic where joce dont make funny faces, and it was quite hard. lol.

3. finally. lynn's laughter could go on and on and on and on, you get me
cam-whore partner=] we both were like eee when we saw the first pic with bad angle.
the girl in red is just high
the girl in red drank too much
the girl in red is a ghost
karen and seeto
bimbo and zhen

i woke up some morning by the meowing from zen. the phone rang, i didnt wake up, but zen meowed when the phone rang and i woke up. and i found him on my bed. guessed it, lil bro put him there.

mango kachang. the day i was stuck outside my house

in the dark

the day i got pangsehed. outing with rax!
amore women work out or sumthing
this is the lil girl that was working out too!!=]] cute huh

deng deng deng deng. looks like batman's car right!! =]]] everyone was taking pictures

i know i look damn exotic right, all covered up. =/

prolly for ang mohs to pronounce
new shinies

handsome right! he slim down so much alr. i groped his neh today, very funny, cuz it's soft!

playing with eyelash curler. up
ah meow's on the car.

eyeliner all smudged

spot the swollen part. MY EYE!!! my left eye was swollen when i woke up this morning.
like i kena boxed. TSKKK
p.s: U-ZAP works better than my useless crunches. i found this webbie that says food that says low-fat is more unhealthy or something cuz got artificial thingy. and crunches don help you get a flat tummy.
"Omg! Shit, no! It's too big for my first time! It's gonna tear!" She shrieked, but it was too late, with one push, he allowed his penis in and blood and pus began coming out of her vagina. It was too extreme and painful for her, but with another push, she could feel the pleasure overpowering her pain. Slowly, she could feel Chas filling her. Chas pulled out his cock and wiped away the blood on his penis as well as the vagina. He put his hand under the swollen skin again, and with another push, his hand was inside. He collected all the semen in the uterus and pulled it out. It was a mixture of blood and semen. Just then, he realized her vagina was bleeding and what he did was too much for a virgin and causedher to faint. Her vagina was bleeding so profusely that it stained the bed in no time. He knew he was in trouble and ran away... NAKED. =D. Everyone had a big show to watch and Jamie was saved in time. But she cannot have sex again for the rest of her life!=(
*the smileys were drawn by the author herself. i was just following her script. teehee

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