Saturday, October 18, 2008


my dad always complains bout cabbies while driving along the road
i have no idea why
he keeps scolding them for cutting his lane, driving too fast or wadeva
tsk tsk
yesterday me and melia took a cab to nan hua, the uncle don noe where-t-h nan hua is
so he made rounds and rounds
and the charge was high. tskkk
and he made melia feel like vomiting.
eee, but the second cab we took back was good

he waited pretty long for ye lao shi to come down and pay the cab fare for us
thanks to the uncle and thanks ye lao shi, or we'll have to walk to the mrt station with 3 huge bags of costume.
i dreamt of something damn nice last night
but i 4got...=[ i think i was walking with someone
and that someone is really famous or something
i.... i'll try to recall, but dont count on it, i have stm.

britney spears' womanizer video. i think she's still hot!!

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