Wednesday, September 17, 2008

would my best friend come by? will you be there?

i sincerely wanna find a good/best fren
i realize it's not that simple
i always hear stuff like you'll get your best fren in sec sch
so i always assume things come naturally
ok, maybe i do have a few good frens
but i wonder if they would treat me as their good fren
i want a 'sister' fren. i want someone really really close to me

ok, except my cousin luh. she alr is my sister. since i was born
we're so close:
-we bathe together
-sleep together
-change together
-talk bout our body not feeling awkward at all
-just everything. like my body belongs to her
[and no, of cuz i dont expect that much, considering my cousin is blood-related to me]

maybe ___ was the person i was looking for, but in my heart, there's always this thing that makes me refuse to accept her that way
i wanna find a good guy fren too. but it's not as easy as i thot
someone said that it is impossible to have a best guy fren
my cousin has. (but maybe bcuz she has some other reasons to have one)
but that's not the point. alot of other ppl have it too
just that in books, the best guy fren always end up with the girl
it's like. guys talk to girls just to get with them. i don want that kind f thing
i cant explain how i feel in finding a good fren.
maybe __ was the one. but i just cant help but to ___ ___.
oh wellls
pass the post!
and that is not counted as a emo post alright

now to my dear seat partner!!!

OLIVIA LAUTNER!!=]]]]]]]]]]]] aka oli.
she's from indo =] so she's suppose to be 16 this year
so adorable.
i love:
-her laughter
-her smiles
-her ideas
-her crazy self i told her not to smile. take one emo pic.
but she cant help but smile

she is just a reallly entertaining seat partner, but that doesnt imply she is my beat fren.

you see the difference. so sometimes i feel alone.

i always look at my phone. wanting to msg someone

in the end {ALWAYS} i would just close it and continue bored-ing

zhen: mummy, guess what's the name of my penguin?

mum: [looks at it] dirty

zhen: bingo! omg, how you know???

mum: just look at it! so dirty....

therefore, i prove that 'dirty' is a perfect name for dirty!

and to end this post off

i wanna say "I LOVE YOU" TO SMITA WEE. CHEER UP!! KEEP ON READING ESTHER'S MESSAGES. I THINK IM PRETTY USELESS AS A FRIEND. I SUCK AT GIVING ADVICES FOR YOU TO CHEER UP. ESTHER DOES A BETTER JOB, SO DOES TANIA! just do whatever you wanna do. humans get hurt. part and parcel of life my dear. i've experienced it before. i dont wanna say too much on the blog anws.... to keep it private. =]]

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