Thursday, September 18, 2008

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will you all quit ganging up on me. i feel so helpless being the only girl at home.

as usual. i just mentioned that my frens all call me a bimbo
and he(my eld' bro) had to go on with 'cuz you act like an ah lian, you dress like an ah lian, you talk like ah lian[in what way am i talking like an ah lian?! this shows that you do not communicate well with me, are you really my brother?], you look like an ah lian'.
for the last time. i dread ppl calling me ah lian. it's a taboo to me.
he didnt have to go that far.
it apppears that my family doesnt know who i really am
it saddens me that i have to protect myself
i told him my frens say he looks like ah beng
and he claims mummy didnt mention that to him
i lied by saying 'cuz she knows you'll get hurt easily you see, im stronger than you'
i never was.
i had to lie to keep myself safe.
he says ah lian=bimbo
i see no connection in there
he claims all ah lians are stupid. ah lians, PLSSS be offended by him and go flood his blog
name is cheng howe.
and my mum walked pass and she got involved too
why cant they be more sensitive
when im sad, they have to dig it in.
when im happy, they have to put me down by not feeling happy with me.
it's just not right.
my brother mentioned that i am infamous in his sch
the sec 4 cohord knows me as a slut
yes. a slut
i admit i use to talk to quite a few cat high guys, but that's over.
the guys there are just plain flirts, jerks, assholes, and bloody assholes. all bull
i was expecting my mum to insult me a slut again, but SURPRISINGLY, she did not.
some times, all i need is someone to stand up for me
i share really little things with my mum cuz i often get the experience that she'll not stand by me, she'll tell me im in the wrong and she'll just make me sadder. so i'll give that thought up.
i think it's her character to discipline us that way. she does that to my bro too.
i have nothing else to say

i love this book. sweet lil notes from oli and amanda. amanda's says 'amanda loves to sit(seet)!'
and mr wong thot my name was amanda, cuz i pasted in on my name tag

forgot when.... but apparently, me and smita looks really stupid
mr poon: (offs the lights)
mr poon: i like it when it's dark, you guys look better like this
..... class: tsk.......
zhen: YOU TOO!

it was such a normal fine day. and that had to happen just b4 my eng exam 2moro
i don even have the energy to stress out and scream 'ahh!! there's eng exam 2moro!'
though in my heart it has been doing that since this morning.
i hate the word 'exam'

tomorrow will be a better day.

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