Monday, September 29, 2008

what would life be like if i'm a lesbian?

i would like girls. DUH!
i know quite a few lesbian, one pretty close to me.
the others.. erm, from sch?
that im not close to, they're just known to be one? LOL

i was just thinking today. god damn it, i need a LJ!
oh wells... i shall just post a little info on it...
this is just how and what i feel about it, im not sure if i wanna entertain any other comments on this.. gosh

i cant find peace with guys
that's it
not that i wanna find a boyfriend. i just have the thought that i cant feel safe or natural with them. maybe you'll say im still young, it's okay. yeah maybe...
so i shall wait till im jc.
i just think it's so weird! i wonder how ___ and ___ are able to just poof, get into one. and... why am i stressing over this useless matter!
even melia agrees that i would be really awkward with guys. and no matter how much they try and persuade me to go out like 'come on, this is singapore, i wont rape you.' 'i'll make sure it wouldnt be awkward' or whatever shit. point is it doesnt effing work. and i would just say ' i'll have to bring my brother along'. and ta-da, it always works.

im skipping that. i don wanna talk bout guys alr. =]
not my kind of topic. i know i know, you'll be like yeah right.... srsly, the guys i know are just from friendster and the kind of 'hi' and silence convo. pointless 'friends'.

when guys scare or hurt girls, she might become a lesbian. that's how i think becuz the girl would feel that guys don understand her, only girls do, and she would feel that girls are more relatable and sensitive to them. see that connection. hahaha. so cool.





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