Monday, September 8, 2008


it's back at school again
we didnt slack at all in school, means im slacking now at home
i have two bloody chi compo to write, and one eng one
and i feel like sleeping alr
i don noe why, the idea of getting to dance other dance is just keeping me super excited
anws, muscial evening wouldnt be a blast as last year's.
there are lesser dance and the stage is really small.
sch was basically normal i guess. yeahh
and dance was normal too
so everything is back to normal=]
which is prefectly fine with me
AND FINALLY, we learn a new dance for musical evening. awesome
but it's quite a small scale dance
aiya, i need to rush my hw and zen did something ATROCIOUS
i tell you what i mean tomorrow
delayed pics

my lunch box of the day. content: pumpkin rice from last night. and yes i drew that cuz i was REALLY bored. and that's really ugly
you know what, i bet you cant figure out what the hell am i drawing. becuz i have no idea too

oh it's supposet to be a swimming pool and a castle??=]] heee

i just realize i have 9852745987 hol left to do
and i've finally got the watch from lynn
purple is so o-biang
but nvm, i'll try and like it=]

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