Thursday, September 4, 2008


thanks mummy for keeping my lovely cute ballet shoes. i never knew i had such small feet!
you know the 3rd pair [from the left] is 3c and the fourth is 6c. it looks like there's not much a diff, but it's because i use the 3rd pair so much that it stretch so much and it's SUPER seasoned. everything is falling apart in the 3rd pair. the last pair is just really big. got the wrong size but nvm....

i wanna watch so many movies that are coming up soon!

4BIA! wait, has 4bia come out yet. i hope it'll still be showing after the EOYS.. *cross fingers

THE HOUSE BUNNY!!! bimbo show. love it love it love it

i saw the trailer of house bunny, and i totally want to watch it. IT'S PINK!

damn, someone told me that my blog is so unfriendly to most browsers users. including I.E 8? only can like use I.E 7 to view or something. im sry, i'll try and find a way to cure this....

and it's my 3rd post of the day! i use to manage 6 posts. amazing.. 3 posts is quite enough. it either show that im really bored or i have something to say...


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