Monday, September 1, 2008

i read my sec 1 or 2 posts last time, becuz eddie was like describing different things from past posts and i 4got all about them alr
so i went back to check it out
i blogged cutely last time
ok, to me luh
i think i blog so innocently and so childish but in a adorable way
i don know
i just miss the way i use to blog
freely and just whatever comes to mind, whatever goes
like i dont care bout anything. i use to have so much to say
ahhh, my good old innocent days
i should get that innocence back!!
but howww... i use to be so bu yao lian in my blog and it was more singlish like
gosh. how i've changed. i should start to balance myself back again! =]]
be a crazy normal and innocent girl
i guess that will keep me out of trouble
or rather, more trouble huh. HOPEFULLY
i bring back the pasts!

alrighty, good nites

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