Sunday, September 7, 2008


wait, how did you guys find the moymoypalaboy's video?

anws, yes mini eyes can be sexy and gorgeous. i was looking at a friendster profile just now
omg, she's so pretty. and her bf is HOT. korean mah. so cute, they look sweet together. so it's proven.=]

should i join chingay next year. but i highly believe that my mum wouldnt allow. damn, if jie ling joins chingay this year and i cant.... ahhhhh. i wont get to see her dance.
OMG, i just recalled something, when i waved to jie ling the other day, i realize her smile back had that okayy-_- feeling. ahhahaah.
i bet she's thinking: okay... she's a little weird..
and ye jing agrees that she thinks that way
oh gosh, she thinks im a weirdo.
and and, i think my mum allow me to join anyhow arts. YAYNESS
and i just got to know that ye jing have the impression of me being crazy...
and mdm fung just told me something that my sch dance instructor said.
IM SO HAPPY=]]] yes

and i cut chinese sausage for my mum just now
so hard. not as in difficult, but the sausage is hard. ok wait, that makes it difficult too. =/

HAHAHA, my mum just asked me for a ___.. =]
i feel so fat, i've been eating like ALOOOOTTT
but nvm, smita say we can only lose fats when we're 20 or 21. i 4got
so i shall grow taller in the mean time
and it's lunch time!!

it's a girllll crazy period now ;]

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