Friday, September 19, 2008


i needa touch keziah's cheeks everyday. so funny
so firm and hard
she laugh too much, exercise her cheeks muscles so vigorously

i shall skip the eng paper part
cuz half of it was just crap
that's all
anws, i think my previous post was quite on the impulse. but oh wells, i'll leave it there to remind me in the future.


so ok, went to jurong for lunch with quite a bunch of ppl
almost half the class were going home together but only 8 ppl[audrey, kai min, twin(xi mian), wu jia, zoey, ying li, vivien] made it to lunch.
LOL. i make it sound like an uphill task to have lunch together
"i made it to lunch, bless the lord, i would not starve!" ---- im jk

oh speaking bout audrey.
she sent me a msg this morning, thinking im yi shang. i think she's super funny. just like xiu. like peas in a pod. is that how that similie go?
cuz the other morning when i was messaging smita, she say that "great minds think alike" and it is continued by "fools would seldom differ (or something)" and of cuz, she used it on me.
but, i still did learn something from someone that suan me. we're like constantly suaning each other! so fun. =]
oh shit, i keep shifting off my topic
i wanna say, i think im a mean person.

oh speaking of zoey, i pity her. ____ is totally like targeting her and giving her demerits like there's no 2moro.

so anws... we ate and ya i went to library just to collect my math book from aishah.
and i went to my grandmama house. the word grandmama is created by wujia. haha, she's so cute.

and i finally reached my topic
so i wanted to go down the escalator. it's my first time at jurong library so it's okay that im dumb
the up and down escalators are like opposite of each other
i happily went into the up escalator when i wanted to go down.
that's dumb.
but that's not the worse.
i got up the wrong train
i swear jurong has something against me.
so i got to the station platform and realize it's going the wrong way. so i went to the middle platform. and i realize that's how i go back home. but you see, im going to my grandmama's house.

so i didnt want to like embarrassed myself by str away walking out of the middle train
so i stood there until i couldnt take it
i went out of the train to the correct side and pretend i was on the phone. to hide my pai seh-ness. so from one platform, i crossed over to the other platform thru the middle train.
you know i think if you do something really retarded alone, ppl will think you're really retarded, if you do it with you frens, it's more easy to laugh it off.

and i went to my ah ma house....
i was eating this dried mango when i realize there was a broken satay stick inside.
wth and i was sending msg to lynn ah ma. no i thot i did

but i sent it to my junior instead. omg so paiseh!! i called her ah ma in my msg. eeek. just like audrey this morning, call me yi shang. HAHHA.

im gonnna post later on. maybe 2moro

have chem remedial 2moro!!! breakfast with hui ping and smitiiiiiiiiiii=]]]]]]


P.S: I THINK OLI LOOKS A BIT LIKE MR WONG!! haha, i told her 2day and she says she hates me=[[[ sry oli. you're the prettier version of mr wong okay=] hehe

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