Thursday, September 4, 2008

anws, my blog cant be viewed in mozilla firefox
it's super screwed. you need to keep refreshing. how do you make a blog firefox friendly? anyone knows?

and no i didnt say that(the title)! i dont say such a thing ;]
we were walking pass this two guys and we suddenly hear the guy say 'aiya, just give him 12 condoms luh...'. and he said it so loudly=/
then we kept laughing, wth..... why need 12 anws... he got 12 er hem?
the only thing i bought today was a pair of earring
it's always accessories, i think i have a problem
i can spend an hr at a shop but not buying anything in the end
or maybe when i decide to buy something, i'll change my mind at the last min
the reasons i GIVE MYSELF?
-waste money
-would i wear it?
-would i regret?
-izzit nice?
ya, i hate it~=[ further more, i only brought like 14 bucks out?
i want a new shade, and new dress. and a singlet.hp bought alot of things
good for her. gor came to join us for lunch, and it was so awkward
we ate at sumo house. i felt like a sumo after eating there, de wonder they named it sumo house
i told my brother this and he says it's not funny. i think it's very lame, but i still laugh. funny what.. no?
oh I.P zone's clothes are like 4 bucks? but all no cut, so ugly
and we went into a screwed-priced shop
the supposedly cheap stuff are like 20 ++?! and the supposedly more expensive stuff are 5-10 bucks...... wtf...
ok nvm.... then we landed at coffee bean after a longg discussion. cuz i didnt want to spend money on coffee. but i wanted to sit down to do hw. ite, i bought mocha ice-blended. eeyer, not icey enough...

HUI PING. she says she wants to be flat-chested and want to have a str figure. ???? i want to be more curvy and more busty can. curvy ppl wanna be flat, flat ppl wanna be curvy...and we left a sweet note behind. LOL. fyi, i drew the heart, planning to leave it as it is, hui ping filled it up with her love.

it says: I LOVE YOU! are you the waiter? muacks! picture: my thick fat lips. (and that extra line above is not a stalk, it is a line i drew wrongly. it's extra
i purposely put the water on the words. i wanna to smudge it but it's ball point pen so didnt work.... i wonder if anyone would read it....
wasnt exactly productive.... mmmm... amk hub is officially boring... we'll go vivo or causeway next time. i cant wait for ion building at orchard to be built. so as the new shopping centre they are building at yishun. extension of north point!! smita said there MIGHT be max and more. OMGG!!! YAYYYY

btw, i just read xia xue's blog (someone my gor absolutely hates. whenever i mention her, he goes all furious)

anyhoo, i was quite pissed after reading her blog. the sales person suck shit!! tsk tsk. if you do not know....

i feel fat today. the mocha ice blend is just too much.... but i love it!

oh yeah, my whole body is aching so much from dance yesterday. when i went to try on clothes just now, it was so hard to take my top off and put on another. my arms hurt. i like grey tops. my shirt today was not flattering lor. tsk

pong pong time. byeeee

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