Wednesday, September 10, 2008

is everything made to be broken? i think it's hard to be a mum.

my mum was scolding my bro last night
and my bro kinda said some mean things to her. i feel sorry
anws, she forbidded me to blog and msn
so erm, this MAY be my last post till weekend or until 8 oct. which is pretty far away huh.
ANWS!! i've got the gross lizard pic. at the bottom

first up, zen's cam-whore session

stretch further!

the other way!


he is biting the thing i hang on my phone

that white thing is his teeth.

anws, i told myself to go a math remedial last night
but i still didnt go today
anyhoo, went to far eat's subway for lunch with smita, hui ping, min yee and selica
so retarded
haha, all we did was gossip bout teachers.
AHAHAH. and it was QUITE productive. i finished e math hw and read a lot of the 3rd book

yay. olivia say i must finish reading by tonight


it was waxed my lil bro at first. and im in the process of cutting away the wax yes, it is totally disfigured. looks like oyster...
this was the best i could do. and im serious that zen squash the lizard until this small and gross. i accidentally poke the lizard and it's soft!! omg, i was damn grossed out
bro: i dont like milk chocolate, make me wanna puke

we then made our way to the mama shop to buy sweet

i bought the drug sweet again. orange flavor though. SO LOUSY! my bro spent alot of time trying to pry open it. now it is open, but cannot close alr

and my lil bro bought chocolate milk sweet

zhen: -__- i thot you dont like milk chocolate?

xiang: milk chocolate and chocolate milk different luh.

zhen: right...

oh btw, i saw my pri sch teacher this morn. haha. i saw this woman staring at me then i squinted my eyes (no specs) and recognise her body structure and hair. =]] pro-ness

and 2day when i was walking in orchard mrt, i was so engrossed doing the sudoku book (smita's) then suddenly hui ping called my name and pulled me

she say when i was walking, she saw someone using a camera and move it while we were walking. taking video?? wth

and my bro say a guy was doing that at sembawang too. maybe they were doing project or something

AND MY MUM'S BACK. i need to go alr. and bathe, and read, and do hw.


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