Saturday, September 13, 2008

if you wanna, so be it. just spill it

i must comment that, i've got quite a bit of response to my msn nick
'when i grow up, would my kids throw me into old folks home?'
they say, 'they wont.' one say you wont get throw into a old folks home, because you wouldnt get married in the frist place
anws, they ask me why would i think of that. "i think far, i just dont plan for anything"
[im having PURE apple juice now, that's what the packet says... my mom used to make real apple juice! the remaining aples are really soft....=))) and tasteless]

i think the sky's really pretty [ i posted a video of the sky at the bottom of the post. becuz i couldnt get a nice picture of it=]]
we wanted to eat at ivans or izzit ivens. I DON CARE, SINCE WE DIDNT EAT THERE IN THE END BECUZ OF THE LONG QUEUE
we ate at some chinese restaurant that totally impressed me=]

look, they show you how to use a chop stick. and... it isnt a wooden chopstick inside the wrapper, it's the real one. the plastic one. so it means after they wash their chopsticks, they put it in a new wrapper! how thoughtful! [and somehow, fred's voice is stuck in my head. HIS VIDS BELOW!!!! MUST WATCH ALRIGHT=)]
the deserts. as you can see, by the end of the meal, the table cloth is really dirty. we're so neat. *wink wink.
the toilet's really creepy
look, it cant close properly=[
see...... i feel so, so.. UNSAFE! but srsly, i could only go out after unlocking it, so i guessed it's locked.
BUT BUT, the wall is so short. the guy's toilet is just the other side. imagine a guy crawling over. YEEEEUCK!
and there's a cat meeting ground
i swear, zen isnt cute anymore when you see these kittens. so zen STOP EGOING! [JK]
i think this shop looks pretty cool. 'awfully chocolate'
NICE NAME AND NICE FONT. i think a good shop needs a nice name with nice font. some shops really have weird names with FUGLY FONTS!

[cam-whore session.]

i didnt reply joce when i was cam-whoring and she thot i was mad at her. muahaha. cheeros.

nah, i have no idea what it says.

the twist is just awesomness!


some party??
lantern festival i think. no wait,izzit mooncake festival or lantern festival? IM CONFUSED....!

he is just different and im kinda addicted to his videos.

SO FUNNY. omggggggg

the sky video...=] video

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