Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I STILL HAVE IT! (and im not referring to virginity)

i always thot that i might not feel anything anymore after those cases
but apparently, it seems not!
omg, my senior from my pri sch last time that lives in the same blk as me is quite hot now
and on mon, which was yesterday, there were suddenly alot of other sch ppl on the train
and i was looking so screwed yesterday, tsk
there were some cute guys
ok so... i still look at guys, but i look at girls more i think
like admire their thin legs, face, hair, eyes, eyebrow, lashes, nose. practically everything?
now when i talk to ppl, i always look at their face.
OH OH! just now we saw this two girls
they were hugging, then one girl started crying. (and no, they are not les)
ya, both of them super skinny. tsk tsk

oh wtf, i was so dumb
i went to start on the 3rd puzzle, thinking it was the first
i was cursing myself in my head and i needed to pee
and i only managed to finish 2 3/4 puzzle
oh wellls, nvm. it's just a game that i like playing! haha
they gave us some really cute file and drink and magnet. from marigold.

moi, mo, poo
we went to orchard mrt to wait for imran that takes forever to come
actually we just acc mo to wait for him
then me and pooja went to b.k to meet hui ping for lunch
DAMN! fast food again
ZHEN! stay healthy man.

the watch!! im STARTING to like it. but it's quite irritating when you bend your hand or something

omg, mrs chia had an english name and the whole class were trying to guess

now i totally understand what my dance seniors mean by "mrs chia very funny! i always laugh at her during her lessons" - joyce

cuz mrs chia is really really funny. i used to not like her, now better.=]

and i know i still owe the zen atrocious deed. but the picture is with my eld bro. i'll ask him to send me later.
AND AND. really, i think to have a sec 3 combined chalet or outing would be fun. if ppl think it's just for the guys, then invite the girls only luh. =]]]]

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