Friday, September 5, 2008

i should count myself lucky i think=]]

i think when if you're happier, you'll have less pimples?
i dont know, my huge pimple has become flat in like 3 days. =DD
(that's just crap, dont trust it.)

went to kfc for lunch just now with my bros.
i dont like the coleslaw, it stinks.
while opening coleslaw,
i smelt a terrible stench


zhen: (points finger at gor) you farted! eewww
gor: no...
zhen: then?
gor: (points at the coleslaw) THE COLESLAW!

so coleslaw = fart smell
srsly, KFC'S coleslaw is gross
we always leave them behind
i use to like eating it, but now, i dread smelling it.

this is my bro's new watch. a door gift from coldwear. my mum went there to take photos and they gave this to her. OMG!!!=]]] and my mum was showing the pictures she took yesterday, the models are so chio and handsome. hehe and he added something. you see that there are two timings right? he says it allows him to two time.

hahhhhhahaaokk, and i cam-whored for zenny

zen: im bringing sexy (hairy) back

rawr!! no no, meow....
AHH, i went to ballet just now

late as usual though.. and jie ling was there. HAHA, i waved to her and she smiled back. i hope she knows that i was implying i saw her at nan hua. I HOPE SOOOOO.... i pity wan yu. she got partnered with ye zhen. and ye zhen's like really super good. not that wanyu is bad, just that, ye zhen got 96/100 for her ballet exam. and mdm fung didnt even give wan yu a choice or anything. meanie....

OH OH!! during the mass chat last night, there's this SB, who i still dont know who.. nvm bout that, HE EYECANDIES JIE LING TOO!!! AHHHH. yay!! and they say they caught me jumping up and down the other day at nan hua. oh gosh..=/
and i think im lucky (as my title says) becuz i can see jie ling dance every week. so im luckier than SB. haha, happy muchhhh!!!!

and ye jing keeps saying im lame today. i told her i wave at jie ling, and she smacked me and say im retarded. =/???

no matter how i look at this, i look fake. why why whyzen joined in the fun too! no, he's just rubbing me so that i would stop cam-whoring and feed him. and i did ok.

OH OH!! i wanna watch make it happen more than anything, and that includes the house bunny. watch the trailer man, it's soo... it's attracting me so much to watch it!! like the main character is getting prettier and prettier. heee. and getting hotter too!

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